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Your Questions About Maytag Appliance Repair Parts

Helen asks…

Is there a food trap in my maytag portable dishwasher ?

I have a maytag portable dish washer…and it has a smell to it. i was wondering if there might be food in it some place. I bought it off of craigslist and the lady didnt have the instuctions anymore. also, there has been tiny black spots on the dishers sometimes PLEASE HELP

James Conley answers:

Wow, I didn’t know dishwashers had food grinders in them, every single one I’ve ever repaired, and that’s a fair sized number, has had a food, broken glass, plastic pieces, etc., filter in the bottom, just before the pump. Seems to me like that would pretty much preclude the idea of food grinding in any manner. If I were you, I’d check this filter, you may have to unscrew a plastic nut to allow you to lift the lower spray arm up and off the post so that you can get to it, and it may take a screwdriver to get it off, but I’d bet it’s there, and it’s probably clogged. Many of them are cleanable, washable, some are not, some you just have to replace. If you do have to replace it, you’ll need the make and model number of your machine, then find the nearest major appliance repair parts store. They should have it.

David asks…

does anyone know how 2 take off the coupling on the water pump?

does anyone know how to take the coupling off of the water pump on a maytag top loader washing machine/its the coupling that the belt runs through the belt is fine but the coupling or pulley is broken so the belt doesnt stay on track

James Conley answers:

I’m not up on Maytag product in particular, but if you’re talking a typical V belt pulley, look for a locking set screw on the hub of the pulley. It may also be an interference fit bore that would require use of a small gear puller. Sorry I can’t be more specific….if you’re not familar with this stuff, it may be better to leave it to a serviceman. The fact the pulley has broke
in the first place may be an indication of other problems. Unfortunately, like most appliance repairs, the part is probably inexpensive, but the service labor a killer. You always have to factor in any further damage the do -it -your selfer might cause in trying to save a few bucks.
Good luck

Paul asks…

What is going on with the Maytag Co.? I’m trying to get repairs done on my dishwasher.?

Been waiting on the part for over 30 days. I feel they are giving me the BS. They have given me four different excuses so far. What gives? Of course the appliance is still under warranty.

James Conley answers:

Had same problem last December with Maytag…I had them ship the parts to me instead of the repair company and then called the service man back to install.It took until Feb to get mine fixed.I will not buy anything from Maytag/Whirlpool again.Good luck and keep calling them everyday if you have to.Remind them its under warranty and that it will expire the rate they are going..

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