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Your Questions About Maytag Appliance Repair Parts

Robert asks…

has anyone ever replaced a agitater in a maytag washer?

a little plastic piece broke. i was just wondering if it easy to replace. ty

James Conley answers:

It should be a pretty easy fix. Since you didn’t give the model number for your washer it’s impossible to tell you anything specific. Here is a link to YouTube videos showing how to work on an agitator. Look through these and see if one is similar to yours.

Another site I like a lot is They have lots of videos and sell parts too. I have used them many times to work on my appliances. Go there and look around some and you can probably learn how to do this repair as well as order any parts you’ll need. Http://

Good luck and I hope this helps!

Ruth asks…

I have a maytag performa washer that was filling fine the other night and now won’t work at all? Any ideas?

When you set the cycle knob and pull it out, there is nothing, no noise like it is trying to work, no water. We tried different water temps, neither hot or cold work, also tried different outlet, made sure water was on, any ideas would be appreciated as I have 3 small children and no $$ for repair & in the meantime the laundry keeps piling up. Hoping it may be something simple? Thanks so much!!

James Conley answers:

I’ve never owned a Maytag but I have had the same thing happen to a washer. On mine it turned out to be a broken switch. There was a switch that would be triggered when the top “Loader door” was shut. The door had a little plastic prong that protruded out that would trip the switch when the door closed. You are doing the right thing by getting on the puter and looking for answers. See if you can find anything on Do It Yourself washer repair. If it was working fine and then NOTHING the next time, no sounds or lights, I’m real sure it is a very minor problem. Make sure it’s plugged in and look around the door for a switch. It might even be in the pull out knob. Make sure your door is shutting fully too. It may be a fail safe. Good luck…..P.S. When you find the problem and it is a switch that needs replaced don’t go back to the dealer. Find an appliance repair place that sells parts it will be much cheaper and better quality. You might be able jerry rig the problem too. Washers and dryers are easy appliances to repair.

Susan asks…

Maytag Neptune dryer went off after made two loud brrrrs and won’t go on again what may the problem be?

Made loud sounds like it was going to go on then stopped working. What part may it be?

James Conley answers:

This could be some electronic and hopefully it’s still under warranty and you can have if fix for little cost, if not this may cost to fix because of the electronic controls on it. Hopefully this is more a mechanical or electric. This may be a motor problem and that is one of the most expensive things on most of these machines. Appliance repair person will be your best bet. Stick with Whirpool brands, least repair prone brand on the market. Sears is another! They are made by Whirlpool.

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