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Your Questions About Maytag Appliance Repair Manuals

Donald asks…

Ineed a repair manual for maytag front loading washer?

James Conley answers:

The following site contains diagnostic tips, repair tips, and parts for Maytag appliances:

I have used them in the past.

Good luck with your problem/

Ken asks…

maytag dishwashers guides for older model Wu 494?

I need information or a manual for this model.
I want to see where I can add jet dri to this model if possible

James Conley answers:

Try appliance repair .com

Mary asks…

I am having a problem getting a Sears repairman to come fix my washer..?

I bought a new front loader washer and dryer last month at Sears. Now my washer will not come on.
The first time i called and made an appointment i told them that i work until 3:00 so it would have to be sometime after that. They said ok.. well the repairman called at 9am and i could not take off of work.. so he said he would have his dispatcher call me and set up another appointment. Well i never heard back from either one. I called Sears today.. this is where i am having my problem. First of all they hung up on me three times. When i finally did speak to someone she was very rude and just refused to help me. She told me that when she makes the appointment for me that there is no set time they will come, it would be somewhere between 8-5. she refused to let me speak to anyone else including the supervisor.
I called the store where i bought it and talked to the manager.. still no help.. what would you do? I can not take off of work anytime i want. I need the apt. for after 3:00

James Conley answers:

There are many other repair company’s that will set appt’s. Is the reason you are dealing with sears because you bought a kenmore washer and dryer? You didn’t say. Have you checked your owners manual? They usually have a trouble shooting guide in them, check that to see if you can solve the problem yourself. By the way, if you bought a kemore, it is made by whirlpool, and is a better machine than those maytag’s that were having so many problems. If you bought your new appliances on a credit card, check with your credit card company to see what recourse you have through them. Some of them have a ‘lemon clause’, and will take care of getting you a new item. You could also try writing an e mail to sears headquarters and see if you can get any help that way. Good luck.

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