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Your Questions About Maytag Appliance Repair

Mary asks…

Is it worth it to repair my Maytag gas dryer?

The dryer starts out hot and then the heat cuts off after about 10 minutes. The gas line is fine; the gas man said it may be the auto shut off value.

Is it difficult to repair this? Is it something I could do myself?

James Conley answers:

There is a great website called that helps you DIY repair appliances and trouble shoot the problem. You can determine whether you can fix the problem yourself, what parts you will need and how much it will cost to repair it. On mine it was the moisture/heat sensor which wasn’t difficult or expensive to repair. Also, check the lint vent behind the machine as well as the vent outside. Sometimes lint fills the hose behind the machine or the animal guard on the outside vent gets clogged with lint and will cause over heating and the heat cuts off as a safety precaution.

Sandra asks…

How do I adjust the feet on my MAYTAG Performa washing machine? Are they self-adjusting?

It is a MAYTAG, Performa, Quiet Series model

James Conley answers:

The feet on the bottom are all manually adjustable. You will need to use a 2×4 block to position under the washing machine’s base. Once the machine is propped up you should have easy access to adjust the feet on the front. The feet on the back can be adjusted similarly. Make sure to use the locking nuts to prevent the units feet from winding back into the base as you slide or reposition the unit. For further questions call 404-671-9117. Atlanta Appliance Repair company is also available at

Charles asks…

Any opinions on Chris Allen’s Appliance Repair in Zanesville, OH? where do i look for maytag dryers parts?

where do i look on his main page for maytag dryer parts?

James Conley answers:

Go on line to your better business bureau for info on this business. You can get parts from any small appliance repair supply store

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