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Your Questions About Maytag Appliance Repair

Michael asks…

where is best place to purchase a control panel and latch for our maytag diswasher purchased at lowes?

Our extended warranty is out and we have had to have this replaced 3 times.The latch gets stuck and non functioning and the dishwasher is only using one cycle the longest one.Husband can put it on He has watched the guy so many times Should we call Lowe’s or a local repair shop to order it

James Conley answers:

Call your local appliance store. Apparently Lowe’s contractors in your area are not up to par.

Joseph asks…

How to remove ring from Maytag washer?

I lost my engagement ring in our maytag washer.

What is the easiest way to find it?

Thank you so much. I’m so worried I lost it forever.

James Conley answers:

I can’t imagine that the ring would manage to make it out of the washer basket (assuming a top-loading washer). Gold is heavy and it would settle to the bottom of the basket. And, the holes in the basket that let the water drain out would be too small for the ring to slip through. So, if it were dropped into the washer, it should have remained at the bottom of the basket or else it got tangled up in whatever you were washing. And, in that case, it would have gone into the dryer, where it would either have fallen out into the dryer drum (and you would have heard it rattling around when the dryer was running) or it got caught in the lint filter.

However, assuming the ring somehow managed to get over the top of the basket and into the outer tub of the washer, you would have to call an appliance repair person to remove the basket and check in the tub (it requires a special tool called a spanner wrench). If the ring managed to make it all the way to the drain hose, it probably wouldn’t make it all the way up the drain hose to the house drain pipe, because of the weight of the ring. So, you might also try taking the drain hose off at the back of the washer and look into the discharge pipe.

If worst comes to worst and the ring did make it all the way to the house drain, a plumber might be able to find it with a camera at the end of a snake (they use these to inspect drain and sewer piping). And, if it’s in there, they may be able to fish it out. But, if it got that far, I wouldn’t hold out too much hope that you’ll ever be able to find it.

Helen asks…

I want to be a washing machine repair guy, is apex a good school for that?

I like fixing broken appliances, is apex technical a good choice?

James Conley answers:

It will not be a financially rewarding career most appliances have a life expectancy of 10 years or more just ask anyone who was suckered into buying extended warranty’s very few ever get to use the benefits in short call maytag and ask the repair guy hows business

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