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Your Questions About Maytag Appliance Repair

William asks…

My dishwasher was recalled by maytag. Should I choose free repair of the unit or $75 toward a new one?

The dishwasher is about 5 years old and works good. The purchase of a new unit would be around $400 plus labor to install. Not sure if I should fix a medium aged appliance or get a new one but spend about $400 total.

James Conley answers:

Do the repair. I have repaired about 20 of these units & really didn’t find anything wrong with any of them. The repair kit is very complete & will solve the potential wiring problem.

David asks…

My washer MayTag model MTW5570TQ0 will wash clothes and go through all cycles. At the end of all cycles, there?

My washer MayTag model MTW5570TQ0 will wash clothes and go through all cycles. At the end of all cycles, there is water still in the washer. I have to manualy turn the knob back to spin before the water will drain and spin the the clothes dry.Everything runs normally expect the final stage when I have to turn knob manually to drain and spin.

James Conley answers:

Hi Ramone, this is Mike with The Home Depot.

The first possible cause that comes to mind is the timer. It could be bad causing the drain cycle to end before all of the water has drained.

A second possible cause would be the water pump itself. If it has excessive wear, it will not pump out as much water as it did when it was new.

Thirdly check your drain hose and make sure it does not have a kink or blockage which would prevent all of the water from being pumped out.

Most likely you will have to call an appliance repair service to fix your machine.

I hope this helps solve your problem.

Mike, The Home Depot Answer Man

Charles asks…

How difficult a repair job is replacing a clothes washer lid switch?

We have a Kenmore Washer. The lid switch is not funtioning properly..

My husband is not the “Maytag repair man”, but he is logical, practical and can follow directions.

How tough of a job is replacing the lid switch?

For those of you who are home fix-it folks, and know what you’re talking about – would an intelligent guy be able to muddle thru a job like this, or would you advise hiring the pro?

James Conley answers:

These are very easy to do unplug the machine and use a putty knife to remove the top of the washer by sticking it between the bottom and top panel and prying up on the top lid .Do this in the front of the machine only
Stick the putty knife in the gap in from each side approx.3″ to 4″ you will feel an area where it does not go thru this is where you pry up.The lid should pop off of the two latch like pieces and lift up then just pull it forward and up remember hold onto the lid it will open backwards on you.
Then from there you will be able to see the switch depending on what year and model it is it will either have a magnetic if the magnetic type (to remove this type just squeeze the ends of the switch and push it through the hole in the lid)switch or a micro switch all you have to do is remove the old one and take it to your local appliance parts store and they will fix you up with the new one and just reassemble the machine and your golden.In some cases I have found that the micro switch type will just get pushed aside some how if this is the case just realign it and you will be good to go.

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