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Your Questions About Kitchenaid Refrigerator Repair

Jenny asks…

kitchen aid refrigerator water filter?

I have a kitchenAid refrigerator model kscs25fvwh03. It alerted me that I needed to change the filter (actually I had less than 20% and it told me to order a new filter) so I changed the filter. Everything was fine all day. However, about ten hours from when I changed the filter, I heard the sound of water spilling and found my kitchen floor covered in a substantial amount of water.

Why did this happen/what caused it? Will this happen again? Do I need to have it repaired?
The water was coming out of the water dispenser as if someone was pressing it.

James Conley answers:

You didn’t bleed enough water out of the dispenser after you changed it, most likely. Try dispensing a couple gallons.

Sandy asks…

My kitchenaid side by side freezer is not cooling properly. The temperature does not fall below 30 Fehrenheit?

I have done some troubleshooting and here are the symptoms/observations. This is a builtin kitchenaid(about 10 years old). A couple of nights back the freezer started acting up(ice cream melted). The refrigerator section was fine(It has an air baffle). The condenser coil was not cleaned in a while so I just cleaned them up yesterday. The evaporator does not seem to be the issue. THere is not much frost build up. I was able to manually trigger the defroster to defrost any frost that was there on the evaporator. After about 15 minutes the compressor started. The compressor temperature gradually goes up and after about 15-30 minutes stabilizes at 130 F. The condenser is not hot at all(not even warm). The IR thermometer says the temp for the condenser is about 75 degrees. The ambient temperature is about 68 F. The expansion valve is about the same temperature as the condenser(tested this out by touch). When I shut the compressor off by turning the power off( I could hear some noise. I am told that this is the noise of the refrigerant still moving through the system). The problem is that the compressor seems to be running forever and the freezer side temperature is not going low enough(does not fall below 35 F). Some ancillary questions. How warm/hot should the condenser be. How hot should the compressor be and how warm should the expansion valve get.
Thanks Duke50 for responding. My fridge has an air baffle. What that means is that there is just one compressor. Depending on the thermostat setting of the refrigerator side, the system circulates some cold air from the freezer to the refrigerator. The freezer is cold enough (35 F) to bring the temperature of the refrigerator down to 50 F.
Thinking that perhaps the defroster and the compressor are running at the same time(although from what I have learnt about refrigerators they are on mutually exclusive circuitry) I disconnected the limit switch for the defroster. As a result the defroster wouldn’t run since the circuit is open. I was able to verify this by making sure that there is no water in the pan under the freezer.
I am wondering if my freezer is low on charge. and if there is an easy way to diagnost that. Moreover, if the freon charge is the issue, how much should I expect to be paying a tech to repair the leak and bring up the charge(just a ball park number will work).

James Conley answers:

If you have 2 temp. Controls? One is a damper, and is wide open. Also, did you check to see if your evap. Motor is working. This site may be helpful.

Richard asks…

Has anyone else owned a Whirlpool Fridge?

I have a 3 year old Whirlpool Fridge,model WBM46WMWD that is defrosting and then will work perfect hours later, I have already paid a Refrig mech 120 to tell me the motor had gone and that it was still under warranty as I thought Whirpool only have a 2 year warranty has anyone else had this motor replaced if so how much did it cost, I am wondering if I should just buy a new fridge as whirlpool are now going to charge me another 100 to just come out and with the price of the new motor I am thinking I am better off to get a new fridge that will last longer than 3 years, The thing that really piss’s me off is that I work away and that this fridge has hardly been used it has never been set over medium and has probalby only been opened 100 times in it’s life, needless to say I will never buy a Whirlpool again, is it just me or does anyone else that sends 1300 on a new fridge expect it to last longer than 3 years
I have now been told by Whirlpool that the only motor this fridge has is a fan motor and the fan has never stopped running and that the refrig mech I had come out who was here for 2 minutes and charged 120 must have meant the compressor which is under warranty, thanks for your advise fridge doctor, you are correct this dodgy fridge mechanic XL Refrigeration in Perth WA did nothing in the two minutes he was here he didn’t even know to lower the fridge before he ripped it out, either that or he was to lazy, he didn’t try to jump start anything he simple said the motor is broken in which I replied to him I know it is broken that is why I called you to fix it,
I will never call a contract service man again I will always go straight to the purchase company

James Conley answers:

Let me get this straight. You paid $120 just for a service call?

Did you call a commercial service?

We only charge $49 to come to your house, fully inspect your fridge, tell you whats wrong with it, and quote a flat fee repair price.

You didnt mention which motor, but unless its the compressor motor, I dont believe there is a warranty out there that is over 1 year old that would cover any other motor besides the compressor.

There is a common failing to Whirlpool/Kitchenaid refrigerators, in that the start devices that start the compressor have a tendancy to fail, which of course would cause no cooling whatsoever to take place, since the compressor isnt running.

Now if this “refrig mech”, and I use the term very lightly, said you have a bad compressor, I do hope he tried to jump start the compressor himself.

Its sad but true, but they dont make ’em like they used to.

If you go and buy another fridge, REGARDLESS OF BRAND, and spend another grand(hey, im a poet), or more, or less, it doesnt matter. Dont say you werent warned when I say that fridge will probably have SOME kind of issue within five years of purchase.

Personllay, Id rather spend $200-300 on a repair than spending $1000-1500 or even 800 on a new fridge.

I see 2000 fridges a year, and believe it or not, whirlpool is still one of the better ones out there.

But if your looking for a fridge that will last you 25 years without a problem like your parents’ fridge did, you wont find it. It doesnt exist anymore.

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