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Your Questions About Kitchen Appliance Repair Parts

Nancy asks…

Where can i get dough hook for my old kitchen aid mixer stand max watts 475 brand?

Any ideas ,not online stores,i looked in Macys,Sears,but nothing ,any store sell kitchen aid parts,thanks.

James Conley answers:

IF they’re available, any SMALL appliance repair shop can order you one

Daniel asks…

Where can I find attachments (egg beater) for a General Electric sitting kitchen mixer?

I have searched on their site and my mixer (which was made in the 90’s is not on it), I have also searched ebay, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Walmart and Target. Any store suggestions?

James Conley answers:

Try your local appliance repair parts store. They won’t have it in stock, but they will sure order it for you unless the parts are no longer available. Make sure you take the model # with you because they will need it to pull up the parts list.

Michael asks…

What are the best diets to follow to lose weight?

I really want to lose weight and have tried diets in the past but nothing seems to really work. (I tried weight watchers and didn’t get any results)
What in your opinion is the best diet to follow to lose weight? I am really motivated to actually do something about it because enough is enough and I don’t want to carry around all this weight any more.

Also what are some healthy snacks to put into a lunch box for work?

James Conley answers:

You did not get any results with weight watchers?
That is weird.
How many hours did you exercise?
Are you sure you’re not a sleep eater?
It’s like being a sleepwalker but instead of just sleepwalking and doing weird stuff (I put my mouse pad in my dishwasher two nights ago and of course do not remember anything about it) you’re also raiding the fridge (leftovers are easy targets) and kitchen cupboards…so make sure you don’t have any cookies in there or you should use locks (sleep eaters cannot operate locks, even just childproof systems, no more than sleepwalkers can open the lock of an outside door or they’ll all be roaming the streets at night).

Try to forget about food and diets (so you don’t compensate deprivation and forbidden food obsessions by sleep eating).

You think that you need healthy snacks?
No you don’t if you have healthy meals that can sustain you till the next meal.
If you eat a crappy lunch like, I don’t know…a sandwich (very American, 70% of adults are overweight)…that might not sustain you until dinner.
A proper lunch would be like eating a salad or soup (appetizer), a dish (meat/poultry/fish and veggies), some dairies (cheese, yogurt or ice cream) and a desert (usually some fruit/fruit salad, applesauce or a cake).
Unless you exercise to curb hunger.
After about 30 minutes in your THR zone, the body starts releasing chemicals to prevent pain and hunger so you can keep going. Those natural chemicals (endorphins, epinephrine, serotonin, and dopamine, among others) make you feel so good…happy, energetic…
The best appetite suppressant is to exercise in your THR zone until some timer goes “ding” and some kitchen appliance (Foreman grill or rotisserie, steamer, slow cooler, pressure cooker…) tells you that dinner is ready.

Do not have a “diet” diet, where you’re told what to eat. Eat a simple healthy diet, so you can satisfy your cravings and answer your body’s need for some missing nutrients. If I’m building muscle mass, I’ll need a lot of carbs to do the weight training (because it’s anaerobic and fat burning shuts down) and then I’ll get huge cravings for eggs, nuts or a good juicy filet mignon (need for protein for the “repairing stronger” part) otherwise, I would only eat eggs or meat like once a week.

Eating healthy is about avoiding the unhealthy food as much as possible. Once you stay away from fast food (any restaurant food), packaged and boxed food (except for bread, pasta, rice), canned food, prepared and processed food (cereals included but you can have Weetabix), then you’re left with the fruits/veggies, whole wheat food (the brown kind of bread, pasta), brown rice, corn, legumes (beans, peas, lentils, peanuts…), meat, poultry, fish, eggs, dairies, and the good kind of oil (olive, avocado, nuts, fish).

You can have any of the “bad stuff” occasionally so they don’t become forbidden obsessions. Have some French fries, or one slice of pizza (with your favorite veggies) or a cookie, once in a while. Just don’t do it every day and watch out for portion sizes. You can also “push the envelope” and make your own French fries from scratch (never frozen and defrosted) in healthy canola oil, blot, blot, blot, just a dash of salt and you get healthy French fries or you can make homemade pizza with good healthy ingredients.

Canned food is okay if you use it to enhance a recipe. Like canned tomatoes have more antioxidants than fresh ones as they are more concentrated.
I also use canned corns in my recipes. And I like canned asparagus with canned beets (in a salad with vinaigrette). I tried fresh (steamed) asparagus and beets but I prefer the soft texture on the canned ones. As long as your can is not some dreadful soup or prepared meal with tons of sodium.

Also the cooking method can double the calorie content of a meal, so learn about healthy cooking without having to add extra fats, like using a steamer (using water), a rotisserie (using heat and herbs), a slow cooker (using homemade broth and herbs), a pressure cooker, a grill…

Once you cook your own meals, you can control the calorie content because your control the cooking method and all the ingredients. A lot of people are overweight because they keep eating food that they did not cook.

Remember…never use food (or the lack of it) to lose body fat.
Exercise for 3,500 calories for each pound of body fat that you wish to lose.
You usually need to first GAIN muscle mass weight while getting in shape for the first 3 to 6 months.

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