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Sandra asks…

What is a fast way for kids to make money?

If a child needs money fast, what are some good ways to make a lot of money…fast. There is little snow here, so shoveling walks is out. Anything else? I hate getting asked for money…

James Conley answers:

1. Craft Maker
Are you a whiz at jewelry making? Can you carve children’s toys out or decorative figurines out of wood? Do you paint beautiful pictures? Whatever your favorite craft may be, selling it online makes good sense. It’s a great way to earn extra money doing something you love and would probably do anyway.
#2. Seller–Online Auctions
Cooperate with your parents to organize a grand housecleaning and sell all your family’s “gently used” junk on eBay. Create each listing carefully, taking pictures of each item and doing a little research to discover what similar items are selling for. If your eBay business is successful, you may decide to keep it going. Some eBay-ers spend their weekends checking out garage sales for cheap items that might fetch a decent price online.
#3. Technical Assistant
Does your dad call on you when he’s trying to program the TV? Did your mom rely on you to get her online when she bought a new computer? If you’re a techno whiz, people will pay you handsomely for your assistance and advice. You can set up electronic gadgets and banish their gremlins when they go awry.
#4. Writer
Do you have a secret fetish for the English language? Are spelling and grammar your secret turn-ons? If so, there’s plenty of money to be made as an online writer. You may find yourself paid to post in online forums, writing keyword-rich web materials, or even writing articles that will appear with your byline. In addition to earning money, this job is just the kind of thing that looks good on job resumes and college applications.
#5. Translator
If you speak two or more languages fluently, offer your skills as a translator. Many freelance sites regularly advertise for people to translate materials written in other languages into English articles, brochures, and pamphlets.
#6. Baker and/or Caterer
Do you have a special knack in the kitchen? A secret recipe that makes hamburgers taste like the finest steak? A flair for serving attractive-looking plates that would make Martha Stewart turn green with envy? If so, your calling may be in catering or baking. Cater an entire dinner event or sell cookies by the batch.
#7. Babysitter
Are you good with kids? If so, your talent may be babysitting. You’ll be the most in-demand babysitter on the block if you charge a fair hourly wage and keep the little ones happy and entertained.
#8. Personal Assistant
Are you organized and honest? Can you keep your mouth shut about other people’s personal business? If so, advertise your services as a personal assistant. You may be trusted to help with tasks like paying bills, scheduling appointments, tidying up someone’s work area, doing the week’s grocery shopping, or dropping off and picking up dry cleaning.
#9. Paid Companion
Do you enjoy visiting your grandparents and hearing them talk about the good old days? If so, you may have an ideal personality to provide companionship to a senior citizen. Many older people who are physically frail or becoming forgetful rely on the services of companions to keep them in their homes.
#10. Handyman/woman
Are you good at odd jobs like repairing loose shutters, cleaning out gutters, or fixing blown circuits? Perhaps you can offer your services as a general handyman/woman. Jobs may include painting, fixing broken appliances, helping out with minor plumbing problems like a clogged toilet, or making minor home repairs.
Of course, these aren’t the only fields in which you can make money. They are just ten general ideas out of literally hundreds of home-based teen-owned businesses.

Making Money:

1.Selling lemonade
2.Selling toys at a yard sale
3.Bringing their old clothing to consignment
4.Growing and selling produce
5.Growing and selling flowers
6.Lawn mowing and yard work
7.Selling pencils, stickers or small toys (get them in a gross at Oriental Trading or at a wholesale supply)
8.Cleaning out someone’s garage
9.Baby sitting
10.Pet sitting and dog walking
11.Raising and selling small pets, such as birds or rabbits (check your town’s regulations, and make sure your child is responsible)
12.Raising chickens and selling eggs
13.Carrying groceries up apartment stairs for people
14.Gathering change around the house
15.Baking and selling muffins or cookies
16.Sweeping sidewalks and driveways
17.Painting fences
18.Teach a skill, such as swimming or computers
19.Make and sell greeting cards (check with a local business and ask if you can sell them there)
20.Take instant photos at an event, such as a fair or festival
21.Tutor someone younger
22.Make and sell jewelry
23.Weed gardens
24.Deliver newspapers
25.Wash cars
26.Type papers and documents
27.Be a party entertainer (magic, clown, etc)
28.Be a party helper (help harried parents with setting up a birthday party, serving food, corralling young kids)
29.Face painting
30.Mother’s helper
31.Snow removal
32.Mr or Miss Fix it (assemble bike

John asks…

do you know about Plumbing on Tap Ltd?

Plumbing on Tap is the best domestic plumbing and heating services service provider around Brighton.We have been supplying excellent home heating and gas safedomestic plumbing services in commercial and residential properties throughout Brighton for years.We are premier personal choice of households throughout Brighton thanks to our exceptional understanding of our own customers’ requirements.As the prominent domestic plumbing and heatingserv ice provider in Brighton, Plumbing OnTap carry out all of our services offering high quality services at honest prices.Our company is recognized for offering consistent quality in all our Brighton based plumbing related and home heating services.

Awards and Recognition

Plumbing on Tap acknowledges the importance of choosing the right residential plumbing and gas safe boiler installation/maintenance specialists.For that reason, our business guarantees the quality of our Brighton residential plumbing and also gas safe boiler installation/repairs and maintenance providers with facts and client feedback.This year, we were shortlisted to receive a Sussex Business Awards.Our helpful staff have also made it to this year’s edition Hove at your Service Awards.Finally, our membership to the Checkatrade offers our clients the possibility of looking at our outstandingqualifications.Our plumbing and gas safe central heating services in Brighton have warranted more than TWO HUNDRED FIFITY good customer feedback reports on Checkatrade website

Plumbing on Tap: your Worcester Recommended Installers in Brighton

Central heating boiler installation cannot be left to chance.At Plumbing On Tap we are proud to have been recognised as Worcester recommended boiler installer within Brighton and the surrounding town and cities. What does this mean to you being a customer?Worcester is a leading brand name known for the optimum quality regarding its boilers.Worcester boilers have a popularity for being top of the range when it comes to reliability and performance.Worcester Greenstar central heating boilers have the maximum energy-efficiency rankings. This is why Plumbing on Tap is able to offer an impressive 7-year warranty on our boiler installation jobs.The installation of energy-efficient boilers also leads to considerable yearly savings, which can reach £225 12 months.
Plumbing OnTap’s Brighton Worcester recommended boiler engineers will be happy to recommend the very best boiler for your requirements.Plumbing Ontap’s Brighton home heating and residential specialists are qualified to deal with all kinds of repairs, installs, and replacements in both domestic and commercial premises.

Plumbing and Heating Services in Brighton

Plumbing on Tap offers guaranteed plumbing and boilers solutions in Brighton, whether you are a homeowner, a letting agent, or a business owner.Plumbing on Tap is just a phone call away, whether you need a minor plumbing repair or immediate assistance with a domestic plumbing or heating emergency.All our services, whether urgent or non-urgent, are guar anteed by our quality standards.

Our Services Include:

General plumbing in bathrooms and kitchens:

From full drainage surveys to sink unblocking, our extensive range of general plumbing repairs includes leak detection, pipe work replacement, flooring and tiling services, servicing of pumps, showers, toilets, water tanks, ball valves, syphons, toilet seats, electric powered immersion heaters, and much more.

Central heating installations and repairs

Brand new central heating boiler installation, central heating boiler maintenance, boiler replacement and upgrades, venting of radiators, power flushes, installation of gas appliances, design of central heating, fitting and repair of warm air units.

Gas safety inspections

Our Brighton plumbers are accredited to carry out home inspections for all kinds of gas home appliances and to issue compliance certificates.

Plumbing and heating routine maintenance services

Drain cleaning, cleaning and removal of limescale from water tanks, central heating boiler servicing, gas fire servicing, pipe re-boring.

Extra plumbing and heating system services are available. Please contact us for further info.

Business address:
Plumbing on Tap Ltd
87 Church Road
Hove, Brighton & Hove BN3 2BB
01273 723600

James Conley answers:

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Please read the guidelines more closely.

Joseph asks…

Nintendo DS made Of Cheap Hardware?

Did nintendo rip people off?
I have seen on many forums, that the DS LCD is of very poor quality. the Touchpad is dated 2004. and the material is very cheap.
Did nintendo believe they can sell cheap Games systems.
and Believe Fans will make people Spelled into it.
nintendo ds.. nintendo ds.
“The heart of Nintendo relies on its old “traditional” Classic Graphics” and “fans.”
so Nintendo can make a new system
Example:New! Nintendo DS FANz
made of the worst hardware ever. and still be make nintendo popular.

Wow. is this true. all of nintendo counts from its past. and remains of cheap but reasonable prices.
IM not blowing steam?
I was asking a question. my buddies have asked.

James Conley answers:

I guess you’re basically blowing off steam because you dropped yours and broke it.
Most things now are made cheaply. Not just Nintendo game systems. Get used to it. My kids have got toys for Christmas that have broken within the first week. TVs, DVD Players, and Automobiles all have more plastic in them than they used to. Even kitchen and household appliances don’t compare to the way they were made 30 years ago. Vaccuums used to be all metal. Show me a brand that has even a metal handle now.
So it’s really unfair to single out Nintendo when there’s so much garbage being sold on the market today.
Read other people questions too. There are a lot of people asking where to get their PSPs repaired at too on here.

Btw… We have 4 DS Lites in our household and ALL of them are working great.
You take care of it… It last. Treat it poorly and toss it around… It breaks.


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