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Your Questions About Kitchen Appliance Repair

Jenny asks…

what could this weird gas smell from my gas stove?

the gas company came out and they guy had his detector or whatever. He said that it might be carbon monoxide and it might be incomplete combustion from one of the pilot lights and that they may need adjustment and that it wasn’t a natural gas leak. I only smell it when I stand in front of the gas stove. He also recommended I open a door or window when I have the stove or oven on. He also pointed out the debris flakes under the stove cover as fuel debris or whatever. I put a carbon monoxide detector in the kitchen for about an hour and it didn’t go off. What should I do? Call an appliance repair company? will it be expensive? Thanks!

James Conley answers:

I doubt that it would take a repair person very long, a service call, probably in the $45-$75 area depending on your location, plus time and materials, say another 1/2 hour. I’m guessing $100 total. You might well try this yourself. Go to a store that sells welders and welding supplies and ask for a “welding tip cleaner”. It will be in the $5-7 range and is a small aluminum case with a series of round wires in various diameters, which are actually files. They are used to clean gas welding tips which have various sizes of orifices. Shut off the gas valve behind the stove, and use the tip cleaner to clean the pilot light orifices. The small files are flexible and will bend and you can increase to larger sizes until you feel metal to metal contact. Then, turn the gas back on and relight your pilots. If there is no improvement, you aren’t out much, and the tip cleaner can come in handy. They are great for cleaning the windshield washer nozzles on your car. Good luck.

Linda asks…

Where can I get rid of my spoilt small kitchen appliance?

I have a Sainsbury basics blender and its spoilt and its been sitting at the corner in the kitchen for a year now. I would try and repair it but its got those pesky safety screws with a flower pattern. So I would like to dispose of it but don’t just want to throw it in the trash. Also I live in London.

Any Ideas?

James Conley answers:

Depends on your borough, some call it reuse and recycling centres now, but call your local borough

David asks…

What are the most expensive items to repair in a home?

I’m looking to buy a house and trying to balance which updates are a must and which I can get done myself.

I’m wondering about kitchen cabinets, appliances (washer, dryer, fridge, stove), tiling in floors and walls, , tub and sink replacement, plumbing, painting, deck installation, fence installation, granite counter, roof, windows, carpeting, refinishing decks or floors, doors, molding, etc.

estimated pricing would be helpful

James Conley answers:

When buying a home, prior to purchase I highly recommend a home inspection, which will tell you what needs to be done and in what order, as well as give you a clear picture of the cost involved. Possibly saving you from purchasing a nightmare of a home. Well worth the expense.

Plumbing, heating and electrical are things that may have to involve contractors which come at a cost. My experience was the first two were the most expensive, but all are functions of the house that are a must have. I would also put the roof as a priority as well.

The rest of the items you have mentioned could be DIY items, and ones that you could pay as you can afford. They add value, but keep in mind they are merely cosmetic.

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