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Your Questions About Kitchen Appliance Repair

Charles asks…

I need ideas for a Christmas parade float. The theme is an old time Christmas?

I would also like the Christmas float to have something to do with appliances, as we have a heating, cooling and appliance repair company.

James Conley answers:

Well… When I think of “old time Christmas” I imagine pre-appliance times ~ with carolers, candles, ladies in long dresses ~ you know all sorts of Dickens type images.

But if you want to incorporate your business…. What about a 1950’s Christmas? A woman in front of an old stove, mixing cookies with an old hand mixer, various other appliances in the kitchen. Dad sitting in a chair with a pipe by a heater….. Don’t know how feasible it is to furnish a float with old kitchen appliances, but that is the best I can come up with 🙂 It would be cool to have the float look very “Leave it to Beaver” you know, in regards to how the people are dressed, & how it is decorated.

Robert asks…

How do I make provisions to a 1 year rental lease for an apartment in Boston.?

I am about to sign a 1 year apartment rental lease in Boston. However, after doing the walk thru, there are serious upgrades needed!!!!! : including, new kitchen appliances, paint the walls, new closet doors in all the rooms etc. The management company says that they will make all the changes however, I want to have it in writing..How do I do this., Also, is there a general clause that covers all upgrades and renovations… I want to move in by sept 1.

James Conley answers:

Do not sign anything if they don’t repair the apartment, once you sign they will forget about it and they will make you pay for the repairs.

Helen asks…

What is a good home appliance brand?

I’m remodeling my house and I need to replace all my kitchen appliances. I was going for Frigidaire when I heard they break down easily. I need inputs on brands such as LG, Electolux, or Samsung, etc. Any input? Thanks.

James Conley answers:

Frigidaire is a good brand. I do not know who told you they break down easily. All appliance will break, but as an appliance repair tech I can say some seem to have a lot more problems than others.

Which ones should you choose? It really depends on your budget. Frigidaire is a good brand, Electrolux is Owned by Frigidaire. I would stay far away from LG and Samsung though. For me the best would be Whirlpool or Kitchen aid. They are by far the most dependable, and when they do break they are the easiest and cheapest to repair.

Stay away from Kenmore, not because they are bad appliances, but because nobody makes “Kenmore”, A Kenmore is either a Whirlpool or a Frigidaire, the only difference is that you pay a lot more for it because it says Kenmore.

Like wise Maytag is a glorified Whirlpool, It is identical, but because they put the name Maytag on it the can sell it for a premium. Whirlpool bought Maytag a few years back, and a few years before that Maytag bought Amana, So really a Maytag and or Amana Unit is a Whirlpool, Jenn Air, a Maytag brand is also a glorified Whirlpool
Hope that helps

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