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Your Questions About Ice Maker Repair

Paul asks…

Who do you call if you ice maker in your fridge breaks?

My fridge/freezer is a fridgidare
who do I call to repair my ice maker?
great! thank you!
Basically it just stopped making ice
there is no water in the ice cube trays or anything…
so it just wont make ice
what do you think I can do to fix it?

James Conley answers:

Tell me what its doing I routinely fix mine. Let me know I will save you money. No charge! OKAY here goes…..Take the icecube tray out. Then get you a phillips (star) screwdriver turn off the fridge. Take the screws out of the icemaker that hold it onto the freezer wall ther should be 2. Then take the plastic back shield in the back that covers the fan off. You will then see a tube about 1/2 inch that feeds the water to the icemaker. Look in there to see if there is ice build up use a flashlight to check. I usually put a chopstick in the tube to see if the ice is far down.
Take your hair dryer and and let it blow on the tube on low heat for approx 1/2 hour. Check with the chopstick and youcan usually break up the ice. Let me know when you get to this point, I will be here. Close the door on your freezer with your hair dryer in there make sure it is not sitting on any water or that any water or ice can get on it. I prop it up with a towel. Let’s finish this tomorrow…I will walk you through it step by step…its really easy and cheap it just takes some of your time you my IM me any time tomorrow afternoon and I will answer NEW: AFTER YOU GET THE ICE OUT YOU REPLACE ALL THE PARTS YOU TOOK OFF..INCLUDING THE ICE TRAY (THE ONE THAT HOLDS THE ICE CUBES. THEN YOU POUR 3/4 WATER IN THE MAKER TO PRIME THE WORKS. YOU SHOULD HEAR THE MAKER DROP THE NEW CUBES IN ABOUT 1/2 HOUR THEN THE MAKER SHOULD “CALL” FOR WATER….CHECK TO MAKE SURE THE BAR IS DOWN AND WATER IS FILLING IN THE CUBE MAKER…IF IT IS NOT THEN THERE IS STILL ICE IN THE FILLING TUBE…START OVER AGAIN… BUT IF YOU DEFROST THE TUBE RIGHT THE FIRST TIME YOU SHOULD BE OKAY…..GOOD LUCK LET ME KNOW HOW IT WORKS.

Lizzie asks…

What can I use to repair a water trough in an ice maker?

I have tried searching for a replacement water trough (where the water is held and frozen to make the cubes) for an Emerson IM90 portable ice maker. Since I can’t find the part, I wanted to know what I could use to fix a crack. Since this is going to be in direct contact with the water/ice, is there anything made to repair cracked plastic that could be used?

James Conley answers:

I think,
there is a liquid rubber spray in a can that you can purchase.
Some drug stores even carry it. Stuff works great, I have used it.You need a special food-grade adhesive/epoxy which can operate in freezing temps. Consult your local hardware store or internet supplier. Thanks

Linda asks…

My side by side fridge with built in ice maker. the icemaker has stopped, can I fix it myself?

The ice maker was working ok and I was getting ice out almost everyday to fill up a small cooler to take to work , so my lunch can keep cool. All of a sudden the marker quit, the ice in it was froze and the turner that pushes it out was not turning. Can it be that I burned it up?

James Conley answers:

The gears inside are plastic so they can break more easily than metal. I had a similar problem many years ago and it was the paddle pusher or turning mechanism that was getting wet and freezing. I took mine apart several times. The first time all the gears popped out and I had to figure out how things went back. The same thing happened the second time I took it apart (months later) and it was not until the third time I had to take it apart that I realized the little holes in the gears were alignment holes.

If you are mechanically inclined you will find repairing the ice maker relatively easy. If not, make sure you have a detailed repair guide. You may want to try turning off the fridge and using a hair dryer to heat the ice maker for a while. If the ice maker begins working again it is something in the mechanism that is getting wet and freezing prior to pushing the ice out.

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