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Your Questions About Ice Maker Repair Parts

Charles asks…

How long does a refrigerator last?

Mine has no ice maker, has the freezer at the top, and was bought new in approximately the year 2000.

James Conley answers:

I’ve known of good refrigerators that gave out in 5 years. I’ve also seen refrigerators that have been running for 50 years. You can keep one running forever if you can get the parts and have the money for repairs, but it is sometimes less expensive to buy a new one which is more energy efficient instead of costly repairs.

Mary asks…

why does my ice maker not work now that the repair guys fixed my refrigerator???

I called an appliance repair man out to fix my fridge (wasn’t staying cold anymore) and after he got a part to the compressor repaired and the refrigerator hooked back up and getting cold again i realized the next morning the icemaker was no longer making ice as abundantly as it had before…wasn’t making ANY at ALL in fact.
And yes – it is ON (lever down) and there IS water coming out the dispenser in the door. Was it possibly something the repair man could have done or could it be something else altogether? and if so – what?
both the fridge and the freezer are up and running. everything is cold as it should be. if it’s the filter on the water line – HOW do you clean it?

James Conley answers:

Hi Is your freezer freezing everything ? The/M needs to be close to zero degrees to work properly.There is a fan you should be able to hear behind the I/M in the freezer. Listen for it while the door is open and hold in the door switch. If that’s not wkn that could be your problem. Depending on the age of the fridge it might have a main board. If so unplug the fridge for 15 seconds and plug back in. That will reboot the main board if that’s the cause. If all that doesn’t wk you either need a new I/M or your compressor isn’t cooling enough. Good Luck

Ruth asks…

How Do I Stop The Ice Disappearing In My Freezer?

I don’t use ice in my drinks very much, and when I do feel like it I’ll open my freezer only to find the ice cubes have shrunk to virtually nothing or there is no ice, but there is a little bit of white residue. Even in the box part that the ice cube tray sits on to hold already make ice cubes will shrink, because there is a hole for the finger to lift the tray.

Can I use cling wrap the next day after freezing to prevent them disappearing over the months, or will that make my ice cubes taste like plastic? Will using cling wrap even work at stopping them from going away? Is there some other trick I can do to make them stop going away? Is there a fancy ice tray I can buy with covers or something?

James Conley answers:

Now do you have an automatic ice maker in your freezer or to you still you you fill trays? If the latter, the you ice will disappear, since it is likely a “frost-free” refrigerator/freezer. Frost is water vapor that freezes on cold services. In order to stop frost in on all your food, small low watt heaters are added to your freezer to heat the air just a bit, the fan moves the moist are out of the freezer. This cause some evaporation of all sources of water.

Before you call anyone: Look at your condenser coils on the back of the refrigerator/freezer use a coil brush and vacuum to remove the dust, the dust makes the unit worker harder (more heat) and you are not exchange heat to the kitchen where the refrigerator is. If cleaning the condensing coils does not stop the problem. Call a repair person. However, check the age of your unit, if it is over 15 years, you may be better off economically to buy a newer low energy model. But always clean your coils twice a year.

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