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Your Questions About Ice Maker Repair Parts

Chris asks…

I just got a whirlpool gold French door bottom freezer refrigerator with in door ice maker, model #GI6SARXXF?

We just had the fridge delivered and installed about 5 days ago, and a plumber hooked up the water line for us. The water dispenser is working just fine, but it’s not making any ice! The function has not been turned off on the electronic control on the front if the door, so I don’t know what’s wrong. I can’t seem to find a switch or lever on the inside of the ice maker to turn it on. Please help!
Seeing as I posted this question on an online DIY answer website, I would obviously like to see if there is a DIY option for me before taking the fairly obvious route of calling the manufacturer, but thank you for your answer.

James Conley answers: has a great repair forum, which offers technical assistance, along with diagnostics, and is free! Here’s a direct link to that forum:

They have the best prices on appliance parts! Their chat operators are on 24/7. I highly recommend them .. Hope this helps! 🙂

Paul asks…

how to remove ice maker in whirlpool model gi5fvaxvl00?

side by side frezzer on the bottom ice maker in upper left corner needing to line up screw hole on motor for auger invery back it spins but will not let you line the three screw holes to secure the motor

James Conley answers:

I could find more info for you if I had the model number of the ice maker itself. The info on the fridge is sketchy but there is still a good bit out there. You just have to wade through a lot more results hoping to find the type of ice maker you have.

Here is a link to YouTube videos showing how to work on Whirlpool ice makers with other brands mixed in with the results too. You can probably browse through some of the results and see an ice maker like yours. Http://…16753.19652.0.22721.…0.0…

Here is a link to a website that sells appliance repair parts. I searched your model number there and this is a video I found showing the ice maker being worked on. Maybe this one will be the most helpful to you. Http://

That last website has loads of repair videos so you can search your model number and look for more as well.

Good luck and I hope this helps!

John asks…

how do i remove the part behind the filter in my frige. the water is not running through it and i can’t get it

off. It’s a GE profile with the filter in the back at the top.

James Conley answers:

Are you referring to a filter in the water supply line to an ice-maker in the freezer section of your fridge? I should think that the filter should be located OUTSIDE the back of the fridge where the water supply line attaches. I believe you’ll have to cut off the water supply to that piping, and move the fridge away from the wall far enough to get to the filter and change it out. Better call out a repair person and “bite the bullet”.

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