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Your Questions About Ice Maker Repair Manual

Michael asks…

kelvinator fridge ice maker not working?

I have a built in ice maker in the freezer (not the kind on the door) and it stopped making ice daily. It just tosses out a couple here and here, but the metal bar goes up like the bin is full. What would cause it to stop making ice? It’s actually a buddies fridge and we are living here temp and he will not get it looked at or look at it himself. I’m tired of hearing him complain there is no ice lol. Any suggestions?

James Conley answers:

The ice maker has a float switch with a control valve that operates like a toilet float valve , sometimes scale or particles in your water supply clog the water orifice in the valve or the float may stick. Go to your local library and check out a repair manual , find the troubleshooting guide and go from there , usually the valve orifice just needs cleaned or check to see if your water supply line strainer is clogged.

Sharon asks…

Refrigerator ice maker?

Is it ok to turn my fridge on? The manual said do not turn on without water line hooked up (which it’s not) unless ice maker is turned off.

I’m not sure if I even have an ice maker but I’m not sure because that’s what the manual says. Do all fridge have ice maker? Is it possible I don’t even have one??

Thank you


James Conley answers:

Google Ice maker repairs and you’ll get plenty of pictures of what they look like. There are various different models, and not all refrigerators have them. Very often refrigerator manufacturers include or don’t include an ice maker in a particular model. It’s like your car: It can have fog lights or you can buy the same model but with less features and have a car that doesn’t have fog lights. They’re called base models.

If your fridge is a “Base” model then it probably doesn’t have an ice maker. But if it is a higher model then it might.

Like I said, look up Ice maker repairs and you’ll find plenty of ideas what to look for.

Hope this helps.

‘av’a g’day mate.


James asks…

repair manual for maytag refridgerator?

Maytag RSWA228AAE water not going to ice maker water dispenses from the water spout in the door when you push to get drinking water but ice doesnt make or fill Maytag RSWA228AAE

James Conley answers:

Change the water filter and make sure the water in back of the fridge on the wall is turned on.

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