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Your Questions About Ice Maker Repair Manual

Daniel asks…

repairing ice makers?

diy refridgerator repair

James Conley answers:

The answer to the question ? Would be long enough to fill a repair manual. The ice maker has several functions, so the answer would be, find the function that doesn’t work and their possible causes. Here is a site showing their functions along with an animation. Http:// Good Luck

Lisa asks…

Brand New Refrigerator has issues.?

Things wrong when it arrived:
-Light bulb doesn’t work
-Freezer works great, refrigerator part is almost room temp.
Ice maker does not work – bar is in the ‘on’ position, water is on and pressured.
-water leaks out from underneath

I’ve had it for about two weeks now and these issues are still there. I called Lowe’s, they gave me the run-around a few times… any suggestions?


James Conley answers:

Call the toll-free number listed in your owner’s manual. If they can’t get there and repair it in a timely fashion (2-3 working days) Lowe’s has a 30 day return policy. Give the manufacturer a chance to make it work properly. Then call Lowe’s and tell them to pick it up. Make sure it’s within 30 days!

Nancy asks…

Having a problem with my fridge.?

I have a GE Profile TFX30PPDA WW. The drain was clogged so I took it apart to unclog it. Now that I have put it back together the compressor and fan will not come on…but the weird thing is then I open the fridge door the ice auger starts trying to run. I found 2 wires that are not plugged into each other. I did not unplug them, but they could have come undone accidentally. The are in the top upper left hand corner where the plug for the ice maker is. One is a black and white wire with a white head, the other is a blue and white wire with a gray head. They fit together, but since I am not sure they should be together I am afraid to test it with them plugged into each other. Does anyone know if they should be plugged in to each other? If not, any other suggestions about what I may have messed up?

James Conley answers:

Your best answer is to buy a G.E. Repair manual for the fridge.

It will give pictures of your fridge and taking it apart, and how to electrically test or repair it.

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