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Your Questions About Ice Maker Repair Kit

Sandy asks…

help with Faulty Samsung RS21 American style fridge freezer?

Hi, I have an RS21 Which is acting up. first the water tank froze and then got a noise sounding like a fan cutting ice which eventually has stopped. so i bought the repair kit, its clearly totally frozen up. I was wondering if there was a way to defrost the fridge compartment without switching whole unit off? I thought of leaving door open but the alarm just sounds.
If you have any other tips for this fix that would be good to know, dont hold back

James Conley answers:

I had a Samsung fridge. You need to adjust the temp of the freezer so that the ice maker doesn’t freeze up. You also need to make sure that you don’t have anything sitting on the shelf next to the ice maker since that’s where all the cold air comes out.

You need to shut the freezer off and let it defrost.

Richard asks…

Small Hole in Ice Maker Line?

There is a small hole in water line for the ice maker. I turned off the water valve for the ice maker but it is still leaking. We already repaired our wood floor once from this problem a few years ago. What can I put on the line to stop the leak? It’s like a pin size hole.

James Conley answers:

It is better to replace the line. Just buy an ice maker installation kit at your home supply store. This kit has the valve also. Get the copper tubing, not plastic. Good luck.

Mandy asks…

My ice maker stopped making ice,what could be wrong?

Its a fridgidaire side by side refridgerator.About a year old.Not a fancy one. Just has the basic buttons for cubed and crushed ice,water and light.
Use to make so much ice that we had to pour a huge bowl out at least once a week.Now it takes 3 weeks to get the tray full.any ideas?

James Conley answers:

Check to see if scale has built up on the freezing components or maybe even the water supply inside the ice maker components. The scale acts as an insulator and water will take a long, long time to freeze. Turn off the water and remove the ice maker to clean it. Shouldn’t be too hard to do.

Check that the condenser coils are clean and the fan is working on the ice maker.

You might have a low water supply, but I really don’t see that in a 1yr old system.

I’ve seen ice maker kits that are probably cheaper than calling a repair tech to fix the problem.

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