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Your Questions About Ice Maker Repair Kit

Maria asks…

narrow copper tubing to ice maker contains small slit through which water is leaking?what’s best way to repair?

does fixing it require soldering? is there a special kit for just such damage? please tell me how to fix this. thanks so much!

-home repair novice

James Conley answers:

Buy an ice maker install kit. New lines are polyethylene and are much stronger than copper. Replace the copper with the poly. You won;t need to use the new valve. You can also get a double sided compression fitting for the copper line, cut the line with a tubing cutter on either side of the break and couple the lines back together.

Lizzie asks…

Fridgedaire refrigerator ice maker works intermittenly.?

My parents have a Fridgedaire refrigerator with an icemaker installed in it. Ice maker was an aftermarket kit installed after the unit was in place for a few years.

A few weeks ago I went over to their house planning to move the fridge out, turn off the water and unhook the water supply line, water back on to see if line is plugged, etc. As I was moving ‘stuff’ out of the way in preparation to gain access in the back of the fridge when my father opened the freezer door to discover it had started making ice again.

I was just over there again today and it has stopped making ice again.

It has the cooling coils mounted on the rear of the cabinet which are pretty much sealed-up and my mom has cleaned them often.

Although it made ice for a couple of weeks to a month, my dad says it doesn’t keep ice cream as hard as it used to. He also says the fan seems to run a lot any more. Defrost cycle stuck on?

Any appliance repair guys out there?

James Conley answers:

I’ve installed the ice maker kit in my fridge before and never had any problems. Maybe call the company? Here’s the number for their support team: 1-866-233-8353

Laura asks…

kenmore ice maker broken?

no ice

James Conley answers:

Just something you might try.
Lift the thin wire arm all the way up and then make it snap back down.
It’s the are that stops the ice cube make from overfilling the basket.
Try it several times to see if that won’t get it going again.
Could be a number of thing including the motor.
They usually are replaceable. You can buy the whole kit but i think it’s over $50.00. Search for appliance repair parts places. You’ll need your manufacturers name and model number. Hey you can always take the bin out and put a couple of plastic ice maker trays in there till you come up with something. Think i bought some at a DOLLAR STORE.
Good luck to ya.

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