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Your Questions About Ice Maker Repair Ge Profile

Susan asks…

my ge profile ice maker needs to be repaired?

do i need to shut water supply before i remove the whole assembly………..looking for some instructions
please advise

James Conley answers:

I had one go bad (a different model). Didn’t have to shut off the water.
You might shut it off just to play it safe. I found it was almost the same price to replace the whole unit.

Michael asks…

Rust on stainless steel ice maker/GE fridge?

I mean the BAR inside the compartment that holds the ice, where the ice is stored after it flips out of where its made.

GE profile, about 8 years old. I rarely use ice.

Power went out last week for a few days so I emptied it out and noticed the minor rusting. And also, some
mold in one spot.

Whats causing the minor rusting >? Is that something that can be painted over ?

Does this mean I shouldnt be using ice out of it ?


James Conley answers:

GE had a recall on the doors because they didn’t have enough insulation in them. This caused sweating on the door and thus you have rust. If you didn’t send in your warranty card then you missed the big law suit settlement with GE. The door program is over now. You can buy replacement parts and repair it. I don’t believe that you can paint over rust. Good luck

Robert asks…

GE Profile side by sIde refigerator and freezer.?

My question is about the ice maker. A couple months ago we had a lot of ice build up behind the ice maker. I thawed out the ice and placed the ice maker back in and it worked for a month. I repeated the process and the problem arose today but worse than ever. I thawed it out again, but what I noticed this time was that water continued to drip down the water line, which over flowed the little water tray. I hope I’ve given enough information to you to give me instructions on how to fix the problem.

James Conley answers:

Try this webb site,
it’s a Do-it-yourself repair appliance site,good luck.

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