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Your Questions About Ice Maker Repair Frigidaire

Helen asks…

Why is the inside of my Frigidaire upright freezer rusting?

I purchased a Frigidaire ‘Professional Series’ side-by-side fridge just about a year ago. The inside of the freezer side (towards the back, near where the ice maker connects) looks to be rusting. I think that it’s a little too early in the appliance’s life to already be showing signs of rust – especially on the inside! Is this at all normal or do I need to bother myself with calling Frigidaire?

Pictures of the rust can be found at:


James Conley answers:

I have fix appliances for 25y the panels inside are made of aluminum and painted they will not rust. All liners now are made of plastic sounds like something spilled or spray it this area, try cleaning it off.

Lisa asks…

I have a problem with rust, condensation, and ice on the back of the freezer on my side by side unit.?

This is a Frigidaire side by side unit with ice maker and water dispenser. Recently, we found rust midway down the back of the freezer unit. A layer peeled away easily to reveal significant condensation at the next level. A week later, with that layer peeled away, there is a chunk of ice where the condensation was. We have checked the water line, and there is no apparent leak. Any ideas on what might be going on?

James Conley answers:

It’s obviously getting either water or condensation where it doesn’t belong. I’ve never heard of this issue before. The only thing that makes sense to me is a damaged water tube going to the ice maker, (unlikely) or the water inlet valve is not completely sealing closed after it fills the ice maker. To prove or disprove this theory you should turn the water supply off to the refrigerator. You’ll have to live without ice and water on tap but at least you’ll narrow down the possible problems.

If after a few days with the water shut off you see that the problem is correcting itself then the most likely culprit is the water inlet valve where the water line connects to the back of the refrigerator. It’s a fairly cheap easy DYI repair.

Beyond that… I’m stumped. Good luck!

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John asks…

How to fix ice maker?

I have a Frigidaire Plhs267db2, the ice maker stopped making ice. I checked to see If maybe it’s jammed but everything there looks fine. Does anyone know what else might be the problem?

James Conley answers:

More than likely it is your valve go to with your model number and look up inlet valve you can purchase from them or you can call round to your local appliance parts store to get it. Ask if a generic valve will work and you can even save more money. Pull fridge out turn water off to ice maker line and replace the valve. If that doesn’t work then call an appliance repair service. Call round find one that charges a reasonable service call fee. Do not go with a person who says they don’t charge a fee if you have the repair done by them they will add it in under the term “labor” Good Luck

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