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Your Questions About Ice Maker Repair Frigidaire

Steven asks…

refrigerator question?

I have a french door Frigidaire refrigerator,
the ice maker does not work.The water works fine.When you switch to ice,there is no noise and no ice,It also does not make any ice.
The repairman replaced a control board and a arm inside the ice maker so far.
Any ideas?

James Conley answers:

If it still does not work after the repair man was there, he needs to return and find the correct problem and repair it. This should be considered a RECALL, at no charge for labour.

Have you checked to see if there is a blockage of ice preventing the ice trays from filling. This happens in my ice maker all the time.

Daniel asks…

Frigidaire side-by-side – fridge side not cold?

I have a 6 years old Frigidaire side-by-side refrigerator and it has developed an odd problem. Twice now, the fridge side will stop being cold and everything in side turned bad. When that happened, I power cycled the fridge and then remove some ice from the ice maker from the ice cube dispenser. This seems to fix the problem temporarily, the last time it happened the issue went away for a couple of months before it happened again last night.

Is there a way to troubleshoot this issue while the fridge is working and fix it permanently or do I need to wait for it to go bad again? I called a appliance repair technician and he was honest enough to say that it’ll be difficult to troubleshoot the issue since the fridge is working fine for now.

When the problem happened, I put my hands on the cold air vent on the fridge side and there seems to be cold air blowing in but the fridge side just didn’t get cold enough. It is also strange that the issue can be fix (temporarily) if I power cycle and then remove some ice from the ice cube dispenser. Thanks.

James Conley answers:

There is a small fan motor between the two chambers (frig and freezer)blowing some of the cold freezer air . It has been my experience that the fan blades get clogged with caked ice buildup and then cease to blow.clod air.

Mandy asks…

My frigidaire in door water and ice maker are not working?

I replaced the filter in my refrigerator and there is water getting to the filter but not getting to the ice maker or the on door water could there be a clog somewhere
There is water getting to the filter and i think i see water in the lines going to the dispenser but i am not getting any Ice or water???? could there be block befor the lines split if so where whould that be

James Conley answers:

If you are sure the valve is working? Then you may have a frozen water tube, or the micro-switch in the dispenser has failed. I would double check the valve, because your water valve has 2 coils. 1 is for the i/m, 1 is for the water dispenser. Maybe this site will be helpful.

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