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Your Questions About Ice Maker Repair Frigidaire

Ruth asks…

have frigidaire freezer w/ ice maker that was first making hollow ice cubes?

was making hollow ice cubes , now is filling catch tray with water and not making ice cubes.

James Conley answers:

Ice cubes freeze from the outside in. So if you were getting hollow cubes, either you didn’t leave the cubes in the freezer long enough or the freezer wasn’t cold enough.
Now that you just have water in the cube trays, sounds like a the freezer’s too warm. Call for repair.

Helen asks…

ice maker not making ice- Frigidaire?

My ice maker stopped making ice. I cant find where the water supply hooks up to the ice maker to see if it is clogged. We called the repair man but he said it was fine. Please help me

James Conley answers:

If the filter don’t fix look in there to see if ice built up on top to stop the unit from turning to eject the ice . It usually will take a butter knife or something to break the ice built up that prevents it from turning ice out .

Susan asks…

My freezer is leaking water! Why?

So I have a Frigidaire side by side fridge/freezer with an ice maker. My freezer has the element on the back bottom that heats up (I can see it red and hot) and it melts some ice somewhere and then leaks the water out the front of the freezer from the door and then down and under. What can I do to repair this or what is going on!

James Conley answers:

Sounds like the drain is plugged. Find the drain and clear it. Also google” freezer drain clogging” have fun.

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