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Your Questions About Ice Maker Repair Cost

Lisa asks…

Plastic melted off that mounts ice maker in freezer?

Not sure how else to put it besides the plastic mounts for the ice maker is melted off.

Not sure how it happened??

Is there a solution or need to replace fridge?

Thank you

James Conley answers:

Ice makers do have a heater in them to warm the mold to allow ejecting the ice. They can stick in the heat mode. There is a safety thermal fuse that opens if it gets too hot. It is very rare but it happens. Sometimes if a plastic bag gets caught in it from something tossed in ice bin or if that module in front fails. But it looks like the damage was done before the fuse opened.

You would likely need a new ice maker. Repairing the wall can be done. It is only plastic with foam insulation behind it. One problem is that anything used in the refrigerator needs to be food grade approved. They do make a liquid vinyl repair substance for the wall. Sold in a small jar. Dries hard.

Between the two there is a bit of cost and it would be a bit of a project but it can be done.

Betty asks…

I have a Maytag fridge. Not real sure of the year but fairly new. Has a drip pan underneath?

Seems to be filling up everyday or so. And the ice maker is not on. the freezer is fine but the fridge is not getting cold enough anymore even when we turn it up to 10. Do you think we have a major problem and just need a new fridge or maybe it has something to do with the ice maker? Any advice could help

James Conley answers:

Wish you would have listed which model you have It can be as simple as a door seal or the unit compressor is going bad. In all my years of repairing this issue 80% was a lack of cleaning issue
dusty dirty coils in back of the unit to grime on the door seal some have come unglued and if its not sealing properly will never get up to temp. If your not using the ice maker did you turn off the water to the supply line in back of the unit ? It should if installed correctly have a tiny supply line with a shut off
valve You may have to pull the fridge out and look.

I would check the door seal if dirty cracked replace it, if it came unglued re glue check behind the unit around the coils if dusty or dirty clean it Otherwise you may have to either hire someone to check the compressor or buy another unit cost to fix cost to replace is up to you. Based on local labor

Hope it helps

Sharon asks…

what kind of service do i need for my refridgerator not being cold.?

Bought it new 7 years ago and never had it serviced before.

James Conley answers:

I had the same problem with mine, called a repair man and he had to replace the heating element inside the freezer section. The refrigerator’s ice maker would not make ice cubes and the ice cubes that was already there was getting smaller. I bet it is the heating element gone bad. It is inside the freezer behind the back panel. It is only about 5 inches long and only took the repair man 10 minutes to change but cost me about $200. You can do it yourself for about $50 if you read your repair instructions. First read your manual near the back pages for trouble shooting guide, this may help determine your problem. You can also call the 1-800 number from your Mfg to ask for help. You can also call your Mfg for repair and they will send out a repairman in your area the next day. My guess it is the heating element. Best of luck!

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