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Your Questions About Ice Maker Repair Cost

Nancy asks…

Whirlpool side by side fridge/freezer stopped working?

Today I tried fixing the ice maker as it stopped or little ice is made. I read online were in some cases I e can get in some cracks and causes a jam. I did not unplug the power and pulled the wire leading to the ice maker and just as I pulled the wires the compressor/fan stopped working. I thought it was normal and should stet backup when I connect the wires again. Well nothing happened when I reattached the wires and now my fridge is not working at all. The lights are working just not the compressor and the fan. I’m not sure wether there’s a fuse but reading some online and YouTube stuff, I see that it could be a compressor start relay that’s gone bad. I did a test of continuity with multimeter tester and the compressor seems to be ok. Can someone please help if they too had the same problem and how did the go about fixing it. Thanks

James Conley answers:

I had the same problem w/ mine. I had a bad compressor that stopped working the first year I had the refrigerator & the warranty covered the repairs then 5 years later the same problem happened. The compressor just stopped working.

As I’m not handy w/ this type of DIY, I had to have someone come in & look at it. The repairs were going to cost me the same as buying a new delux refrigerator. The company that came was going to repair the refrigerator for me bought it off of me for spare parts.

Mary asks…

I drive a 2005 Jeep Liberty, and the inside of my car, fogs and condenses water. What do i do?

I’ve noticed that ever since i’ve bought the vehicle, i can randomly look outside and see that the windows have fogged, and it hadn’t been driven for two days. Also, the inside fogs really easy when driving down the road. But the other day, i was coming out of school, around 3 and it had done it again. Except when i got inside it looked as if water was on my windshield, so i turned on my wipers, my windshield was dry. I came to find out that the whole inside of my windshield was covered in water droplets, i have no clue what happened, so i had to get napkins and dry it off so that i could see out. What is wrong, and how do i fix it?? Should i ask the guys at the mechanic place? I don’t know what to do.

James Conley answers:

I own a 2006 Liberty Limited CRD.

It does not make a huge difference but may help to know the area wherein you live- high humidity will condense on a windshield that has had the a/c run thru the defroster sometimes, but that does not seem to be your real issue.

If you are loosing coolant in the radiator but it is not puddling on the ground then you may have a leaking heater core/hose. Is there a smell of anti-freeze? That too is a tell-tell sign of a heater core/hose leak. If it is the heater core condensation will also get worse with the defrost “on” as it is then that coolant circulates through it- at least on most cars.

Condensation occurs on glass when the ambient temp on one side of the glass drops lower than the ambient temp on the other side, thus causing condensation of water droplets on the windshield. A glass of ice water or ice tea is a good example of condensation. The temp inside is cooler than the temp outside thus water condenses on the outside.

You may run a water hose over the windshield to test for a visible leak or use a car wash with pressurized water and see what happens there. A body shop or glass shop should cost less than a regualr shop for repairs if there is no warranty. Ask for a policy adjustment or “good will” availability if just beyond warranty, like 38K-39K miles or 37-38 months, you should get it. Typically a “leaking” windshield or door seal will not fully or nearly cover the entire windshield, rather it will leave tracks; condensation will usually fully cover the windshield.

Since it is a 2005 if the mileage is less than 36K it came with a 3yr/36K bumper to bumper warranty, take it back to the dealer for a check-over. Be kind to the dealer service writer, he did not build the Jeep, Jeep did. He is there to assist you not cheat you. Kindness will get you further. I got warranty on my S80 T6 Volvo after it ran out of warranty because of the service writer going to the service manager and my kind words to him, blaming rightly the auto maker, not the serivce provider.

Good luck!

Charles asks…

Does your frost-free fridge freezer make funny noises?

mine does it sounds like darth vader is in my kitchen & it makes sudden loud bangs as well….is this normal? as i never had a frost free one before
its always been like it for the 2 years i’ve had it

James Conley answers:

It’s the fan. You can turn off your fridge, remove the back of the freezer and see if there is something obstructing the fan. Once the back of the freezer is off, you can turn the fridge on to see if the fan switches on. If it doesn’t start turning or it looks like it’s erratic in some way, then you can replace it yourself. You can buy refrigerator parts online and I believe that the fan is fairly inexpensive.

But if you try this and find that the noise is not coming from the fan, then it may be coming from the compressor on the fridge or the motor for the ice maker. If it’s a compressor problem, you’re looking at a new fridge because it costs about $800 to repair.

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