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Your Questions About Ice Maker Repair

Carol asks…

Can anyone assist me with repairing my ice maker?

The ice maker in my 5 year old Kenmore 106.55512 refrigerator stopped working a couple of weeks ago. I am hoping to replace it myself, but wanted to be sure I am replacing the correct part.

I have heard the solenoid valve can be the issue, and not the ice maker itself, so I did an experiment. I poured water into the chute that feeds the ice maker to see if it would complete the cycle. It did not. The ice formed in the ice maker, but was not expelled into the bucket.

Does this indicate the ice maker unit itself is what needs to be replaced? Any advice?

Thanks in advance.

James Conley answers:

The ice maker unit itself needs to be repaired or replaced.
The thermostat inside the unit is defective and does not complete the circuit for the unit to dump the ice.

Mary asks…

Used refrigerator with a broken ice maker?

There is someone selling a used refrigerator on Craigslist. It is in great shape, but the ice maker doesn’t work. I don’t really care about the ice maker. However, I am worried that it could mean that is could be related to the functioning of the refrigerator itself.

Evidently, the original owner sent it back and used the warranty to get a new one. I am buying it from a third party at a used appliance store.

Besides the ice maker, it looks almost new. Everything else seems to work okay. I’m just weary because I know nothing about appliances. The price is only a quarter of what it would sell for in a retail store. Do you think this would be a good buy or should I stay away?

James Conley answers:

Before going to buy that ice maker refrigerator talk with any any experience repairman. It may be only ice maker is bad. Check the whole refrigerator whether it is working or not. If you want to repair the ice maker then there are many video and tutorial you can find. If only the ice maker is bad but other part are good then buy it.

Richard asks…

What is the cost to repair the control panel of a refrigerator?

I have an LG side-by-side, and the control panel just broke — so it won’t cool anything down and the ice maker broke. It’s 4 years old, and we’re weighing the cost of repair versus replacement. Does anyone know what a typical fix like this costs?

James Conley answers:

Most control boards range in price from $100-$300 in price for the part itself. If you are paying someone to fix it, then you would need to add labor on top of that. If the ice maker stopped working at the same time, it is probably related. Ice makers won’t attempt to make ice unless the temperature is below 10 degrees.

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