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Your Questions About Hotpoint Refrigerator Repair

Donna asks…

Ge Hotpoint Fridge Problems help :D?

Okay, so our fridge isn’t working, and i’ve looked around online, and can’t seem to find even a hint of what might be wrong, i prefer not to call a repair company…

Any way what it’s doing is, When plugged in, the front panel does not come on ( water dispenser and such )

second, the fridge does not cool on either fridge or freezer side…

But, the lights on the inside do come on ( showing power is in the system )

I’ve looked over the boards and caps, i don’t see any bad caps or any bad spots on the boards… I’m tested the Fuses, and they seem to be fine as well…

I still have a suspician that the Main board is bad, but it doesn’t show any signs that i can see, of course that doesn’t mean to much…

Any other ideas i could look into, before i call a repair company?
Also does the fridge have a built in Reset system? like a breaker or something i could try resting, i couldn’t find one, and nothing else online so i don’t think it does but still..

It’s model: hsm25gftsa

James Conley answers:

Ok here is what you should check, at the top of the freezer door under the hinge cap is a plug. Make sure it is plugged in tight. Next if that is not working get behind the refrigerator and make sure it is unplugged when you do this. Remove the panel on the mother board. It is a 1/4 inch hex head screw, or the red nutdriver. Look for the small metal fins that stick up. This is the heat sink, near it are 3 or so small capacitors, they are dark blue and the end is silver metal . Gentel rub your finger on the top and make sure they are flat. If any are bumped out or popped or burnt then you need a mother board, part number WR55X10942 if you need more help past this point, I am here please email me. Good luck

James asks…

hotpoint fridge freezer fridge not working?

freezer part works but fridge part does not work and does not defrost

James Conley answers:

This can help.


Daniel asks…

hotpoint refrigerator not cooling?

it began like this. 1st morning freezer stuff was wet,second day more wet less frozen,third day ice was melting.4th day..only blows hot air. we washed it out underneath.but it still blows only hot air. will this be real expensive? maybe just a freon leak?
and its not up to me to get new one.our landlord is cheap.besides this one has a huge freezer dept and we know if he gets another one it will be some old small one meant for a one br unit. 🙁
so we wanna get this one repaired.
all i want to know is what it might be thats wrong w it.
and if it will be really expensive or not. I think its maybe a freon leak.
well when the one a/c guy who did look at it and washed it all out in the bottom back was here,he said the compressor was running. it all began right after i had turned the dial down one notch the night before. relay then maybe?

James Conley answers:

Even though you are renting, you can provide your own appliances. Your option is to either buy your own refrigerator or have the owner repair/replace the one that’s there. Suggest to the owner that he give you the old refrigerator if you pay to have it repaired. He may like that idea. Just make sure he gives you a written statement of ownership of that refrigerator so you can claim it someday when you move.

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