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Your Questions About Hotpoint Refrigerator Repair

Chris asks…

freezer working but fridge is not?

hotpoint fridge 15 yrs old

James Conley answers:

There’s good information here.


Sandy asks…

does anyone know what could be wrong wth my hotpoint oven. i had it on then my electric tripped pu?

put it back on then the fan in the oven was making a noise now the wont heat up everything else does only had it 3 years

James Conley answers:

Call Sears repair service. They will give you an estimate for $75 and if it’s not worth fixing they will give you a cupon worth $75 towards a new stove from Sears. I found this out when my refrigerator died last winter.

Michael asks…

Should I try to repair the fridge, call a professional, or buy a new one?

I have an older fridge, bought off craigslist about 5 months ago, and it worked well enough until recently. It is a Hotpoint fridge/freezer combo circa early 90’s (I would guess).

Here’s the issue:

Recently I’ve noticed things are staying frozen anymore in the freezer, and the fridge portion is not as cold either.

The compressor works fine, at least I’m pretty sure of that, and there are no major leaks anywhere. I immediately thought to try to add freon… which I have never done before… but I got stuck trying to figure out WHERE to add it.

Here’s what I see:

On the compressor casing, there is a line that goes up through the coils and back in to the compressor casing. There is a second discrete system running from the casing to the bottom of the freezer section and out the bottom of the fridge back into the compressor casing. I’m sure I can guess what each of those lines do. The mystery piece is a post on the compressor casing. It’s about 1 inch long, 1/2 inch in outer diameter, and has a threaded interior. It had a paper cap on in, which I pulled off to get a better look.

What is this post? And should I/where do I add Freon?

Thanks in advance for any help here

James Conley answers:

First a refrigerator is a hermetically sealed system. You would have to cut the soldered end off, solder a new tube on, vacuum the system out and then add new refrigerant.

If you are getting any cold air the system most likely has enough refrigerant. Now what you want to check it the timer. If that malfunctions, the compressor will not stay on long enough to keep it cold.

It the timer appears to work, call a repairman and be prepared to buy a new one. I learned a long time ago not to buy used refrigerators or washers.


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