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Your Questions About Hotpoint Refrigerator Repair

Ruth asks…

hotpoint f8 code what dose it msan?

hotpoint f8 code what dose it mean

James Conley answers:

It depends on what appliance it is. If it is a refrigerator or freezer, then it means “evaporator thermistor short circuit.” You would have to get the service company to come out to repair it.
See other codes here:

Robert asks…

Hotpoint refrigerator…many problems?

Ok I have a GE Hotpoint it’s an older model it’s in a rental house that I am in and I’ve been lobbying with the landlord for months to have it fixed but I’m starting to get tired of it. I don’t know if this model has a compressor or not but I hear a knocking sound on occasion, I’ve been looking at parts online but without knowing what is causing it I don’t want to buy them yet. The freezer gets some ice in it and I get freezer burn on some of the stuff in there…then the fridge doesn’t stay cold. I tried unplugging it and plugging it back in after waiting a day and the ice all melted and the freezer and fridge were both cold for a while.

I just more would like a second or third or 80th opinion about the sort of parts I should be getting…labor is no problem I’m mechanically minded just never messed with appliance repair. What I am assuming I need would be a defrost timer, a defrost thermostat and a defrost heater…as far as the compressor goes I need a push in the right direction I’m afraid.

GE HotPoint

James Conley answers:

If it worked for a while after manually defrosting it, then the refrigeration components (compressor, condenser, condenser fan, evaporator, evaporator fan) are all probably good. You don’t want to mess with the pressurized components, anyway…

That leaves the defrost components, which you’ve named.

If you can get the wiring diagram, you should be able to test the defrost thermostat and heater with a simple multimeter. But, if you just want to start replacing parts, start with the defrost timer. That’s fairly cheap and easy to replace, and may well be the only thing wrong. (I just had one go out on a new fridge. Ten minutes to replace.)

Chris asks…

hotpointtopfreezer refrigerator?


James Conley answers:

Call sears. They repair all type and makes of appliances

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