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Your Questions About Hotpoint Refrigerator Repair

Chris asks…

hotpoint side by side not cooling?

I have a hotpoint side by side refrigerator that is not staying cold. It gets a build up of ice/frost at the rear bottom portion of the freezer wall. We unplug it and let it defrost for a day or so, and it seems to work fine for about 2-3 weeks then does it again. Is there a cheap/easy fix for this?

James Conley answers:

It’s good to keep the coils clean, check the door seal, but you may have a defrost issue.
This is a helpful site.

Richard asks…


My Hotpoint Refrigerator is on and is not cooling at all, both the freezer and the fridge, everything in the freezer has melted away, my understand is the Compressor is covered for 5 years. I contacted an appliance repair man and he advised me that all refrigerator has 5 Year Warranty on the compressor, I contacted GE 1st customer service told me that was the case as long as the date of purchase is less than 5 years mine is 3 1/2 years, today I spoke to another customer service and she told me that is not the case Compressor are not covered for 5 years. I would very much appreciate any feedback as I am trying to see if its worthy repairing or buy a new one.

James Conley answers:

Someone misled you. Almost all companies (ge included) have a 5 year warranty on the sealed system which in cludes compressor, coil, and freon lines. But just because it isn’t cooling doesn’t mean that it is the compressor there is a wide variety of things that could go wrong. If you get a ge tech over there and it is not the sealed system they will hit you up with very high priced repairs. I would get a local appliance tech to check it out and contact ge if and only if there is problem with sealed system. If it is the sealed system and they will not warranty it you would be better off buying a new unit and not ge if they don’t back up their products.

Paul asks…

I just got a new refrigerator and am wondering what to set the temperature control — from 0 to 10?

It’s a Hotpoint refrigerator (parent company GE) and is just a regular fridge with the freezer on top, fridge on bottom. It has a temp control knob that goes from 0 to 9 (9 is the coldest). Supposedly the recommended setting is 5, but I’ve been keeping it at 7. What is the true temperature I should keep my fridge? I don’t know how cold 7 actually is, but 5 seems too warm.
My fridge doesn’t tell me the temperature, it only has a dial 0 to 9. Also, I’m an American and we use Fahrenheit here, NOT celcius.

James Conley answers:

Most health codes require refrigerated food to be below 40 degrees in commercial applications for food safety. Anything above 40 promotes spoilage and growth of unhealthy bacteria. Get a refrigerator thermometer, and you will see that anything above 40 is marked in red as a spoilage zone.
I would recommend 35 – 40 degree range. I found a link that states that the FDA recommend no more than 41 degrees for food safety.

Get a refrigerator thermometer, and look at it for a few days as you make small adjustments to your control. Set it so it is between 35 and 40 degrees.

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