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Your Questions About Hotpoint Refrigerator Repair

Mary asks…

How do I fix a 6 year old hotpoint refrigerator when it stops cooling but the freezer still works?

James Conley answers:

There aren’t two separate compressors on that thing. Something is blocking the flow of air from the freezer compartment into the refrigerator, or the refrigerator’s circulation fan has stopped. Get that checked out.

The very good news is that the compressor is still working. After the cabinet itself, the compressor is the most expensive part of the refrigerator. So this should be a relatively affordable, uncomplicated repair.

Steven asks…

Hotpoint WD62 intermittently blows the house circuit breaker.?

I am told it could be the heating element and that this could be bypassed to fix the problem and make convert the machine to a washer only. Please advise.

James Conley answers:

Yes, the element could be by-passed.
But why?
The breaker is tripping because there is a problem with the circuit. It would be prudent to fix THE problem rather than find a way around it.
If your dishwasher is on it’s own circuit you’ve definitely got an electric problem that needs to be repaired. A distinct possibility for further trouble in the future up to and including a fire.
If not, then it shouldn’t be too hard to decide what not to run at the same time as the dishwasher. If it is on the same circuit as the refrigerator that’s not so easy to turn off, but if it shares a circuit with the microwave, coffee maker or anything else you can refrain from using, do so.

If at all possible refrigerators should be on their own circuit and these days microwaves, dishwashers and disposals are (generally) on their own circuits also.

Apply the cost of by passing the heater element to the cost of fixing the REAL problem for safety sake, OK?
Good luck.

Michael asks…

Repairing a refrigerator-Hotpoint..?

I have a Hotpoint Side-by-Side refrigerator that doesnt seem to circulate air to keep the top portion of both the freezer and the fresh food side to good temperature. Does anyone have a clue what the problem might be? I have looked up different parts on the net…and I have the model number, but it hasn’t pointed me in any direction yet.

James Conley answers:

It is hard to regulate the air flow in some refrigerators. If this is a new problem first make sure you haven’t overstuffed either side. Just because it all fits doesn’t mean it will all stay cool. It needs good airflow to properly cool. If you have not overstuffed it then your evaporator fan might have gone out. If you have any handyman in you at all this is an easy fix. The fan motor shouldn’t cost you more than forty bucks. If you call someone out anything less than $150 for a total bill is fair. This is an Oklahoma price, I assume it would be more on the coasts, but surely not to much more.

If the fridge is new to you, you may just need to tinker with the louvers that control the air flow from side to side. A refrigerator only cools the freezer side and some air flows over to the fresh food side. I’ve gotten a couple of free refrigerators, because people gave up on perfectly good units. Get a couple thermometers to monitor temps and start making slow changes, every few hours. You’ll get there.

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