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Your Questions About Hotpoint Refrigerator Repair

Laura asks…

Hotpoint side by side Model HSS25GFPJWW Icemaker / Water problems?

I have a 4 yr refrigerator that makes ice, but when you push the ice dispenser the light dims and neither crushed or cube ice comes out.No water through the door either… Any idea as to what the problem would be?
Thank you much for the answers so far but I need to clarify…It will make ice but it will not dispense through the door. Water will not dispense through the door either…but the ice maker is getting H2O. I am sure it is something electrical or electronic.

James Conley answers:

Go to the link below. They have a free repair forum where your questions about appliance repair will be answered by real appliance technicians. You can get parts there too.

Jenny asks…

How do l find out what type of freon my refrigerator takes?

Hotpoint top freezer 2 yrs old

James Conley answers:

Never try to put any freon into any freezer or refridgerator on your own unless you are qualified to do so. Take it to a repair and service center. Remember-freon depletes the ozone layer and is against federal law to release into the atmosphere. Plus,it’s dangerous to mess with that stuff!!!

Helen asks…

Hotpoint refrigerator would not turn on after being shut for a couple of months. Was fine before I shut off.?

Light bulb is still working but nothing else. When you turn the thermostat nothing turns on.

James Conley answers:

John 1 sounds to be in the right area. You can get a hard start kit from any appliance parts distributor for about 20 bucks. Running the refrigerator with one of these is hard on the compressor, so you don’t want to do it for very long. Unless, you’re not prepared to make a more expensive repair.

If it is a nice fridge, it would probably be worth having someone come out and at least look at it.

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