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Your Questions About Hotpoint Appliance Repair Parts

Carol asks…

Hotpoint WMF720 washing machine is making a grinding noise when spinning, any ideas what this could be?

James Conley answers:

Often due to worn / failing drum bearings. With the machine empty turn the drum by hand and it should turn smoothly and quietly and with no up and down play. If it is noisy, feels rough or has play, it will be the bearings.
If this is the case they will need to be replaced. If in any doubt contact a local appliance repairer with your machine make and model number and they should be able to advise on parts and repair cost.

Hope this helps.

Daniel asks…

My hotpoint gas oven doesn’t work. Might think it is the igniter but this stopped while baking after an hour.?

Has been a problem, the self cleaner stopped some time ago, then the broiler. (they all don’t have seperate ignitors do they?) Would think it was ignitor if it hadn’t just stopped in middle of baking. Seems lik it just isn’t getting gas.

James Conley answers:

If there is no separate selector switch for bake or broil, most often the problem is the thermostat. There’s not really an easy way to test the selector switch, so if you think there’s a problem with this, you should call a professional appliance repair person. The thermostat should read 0 ohms when in the on position.

It sounds like an ignitor. Ignitors can weaken– if you noticed your oven was not getting hot enough, that was probably due to a weakened ignitor. It’s a pretty common stove part to replace.

Ruth asks…

My Hotpoint oven stopped working?

The light bulb in my oven broke off from its base so I turned off the electricity from the breaker box to get the left over part out of the socket. I then put a new bulb in. When I turned the electricity back on & checked to see if the bulb worked, it didn’t and neither did the oven. The top burners and the fan all work but not the oven. The window that shows the clock, temperature, and bake settimgs don’t work either. What could be the problem? Is it easy to fix?

James Conley answers:

Most likely a problem with the circuit breaker.Turn off the breaker & reset it again. If still no good you might have to call an electrician or appliance repairman if you are not knowlegeable in troubleshooting/repair.

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