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Your Questions About Hotpoint Appliance Repair Parts

George asks…

Appliance Repair in Lynwood, CA?

Appliance Repair and other Lynwood, California (CA) local listings Looking for Appliance repair business listings by name, keyword, or location. Lynwood Appliance Repair

James Conley answers:

GE Hotpoint Consumer Service
(866) 601-1217 Web Site Serving Lynwood, CA

Sears Parts & Repair Services
We service all major brands no matter where you bought it.
(866) 746-3543 Web Site Serving Lynwood, CA

Mr. Appliance
Expert Appliance Repair-We’ll Fix Any Brand, Any Problem, Anytime.
(866) 903-0369 Web Site Serving Lynwood, CA

1 Prime Master Appliances
Dependable Service, Quality Products at Affordable Prices.
(866) 485-7057 Web Site Services More Info Serving Lynwood, CA

American Appliance Specialist
Integrity, quality, and care guaranteed!
(866) 801-2591 Web Site Contact Us More Info Serving Lynwood, CA

Appliance Local Service
Quality Service That You Can Count On!
(866) 685-6459 Web Site Contact Us More Info Serving Lynwood, CA

Sandra asks…

why does tumble dryer squeak?

hotpoint aquarius dryer dries but squeaks loudly!

James Conley answers:

If it is very loud it is most likely the bearings on the drum although it could just be something trapped inside. Because tumble dryers have a large opening in the centre of the drum at the front the bearings are not conventional bearings but consist of nylon rubbing pieces that take the weight of the drum just inside but underneath the door rim. Unfortunately they cannot be seen or reached without taking the machine apart. In addition there is sometimes a foam rubber bearing strip at the back that is simply stuck to the back panel that pushes the drum forward slightly.

I’ve repaired this on my dryer although tt is a different model. Look up your model on one of the domestic Appliance spares web sites (for example and they should list the parts. It is not a very easy job as the machine does not open up easily but can be done DIY if you are confident enough.

Alternatively get a repair man in.

Good Luck

Laura asks…

How difficult is it to replace a dishwasher timer dial?

I have a GE Hotpoint dishwasher (HDA2030). The dishwasher runs and the dial turns by hand, but the timer does not advance through the cycles by itself. I explained the problem to a service technician and he was confident that the timer was faulty. Of course, he said his charge for labor would exceed the cost of replacing the dishwasher.

I found a new timer part online inexpensively and planned on installing it myself. However, I haven’t found any manuals specifically for this model. I have seen repair manuals for replacing timers in non-GE and older Hotpoint dishwashers and it looks relatively easy to do, but I’m still searching for a repair manual for my model.

So, has anyone had experience replacing a dishwasher timer? I’ve replaced the dishwasher drain solenoid and other minor appliance repairs, so I’m somewhat confident in my abilities.

James Conley answers:



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