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Your Questions About Hotpoint Appliance Repair

Laura asks…

Hotpoint oven won’t work?

I have a hotpoint Stove and the oven wont work. It was fine yesterday. The top burners work , I tried to put a match by the burner strip in the broiler . There is no gas smell or anything going on when i turn on the oven. Does anyone know what i can try to make it work again? Thanks

James Conley answers:

This applies to most stoves that are gas . There is an ignitor next to the burner strip ,it has porcelain with some metal and a small rod next to it .this must glow red hot before the gas valve will open and stays glowing the whole time your oven is on. Very inexpensive to replace ,any appliance repair shop can order it. They may not want to ,but yes they can. Hope this helps p.s if you have a separate burner for your broiler it has the same kind of ignitor as the oven if you want to swap them you can.

Mary asks…

why does my hotpoint washing machine keep switching itself off?

James Conley answers:

You’re in the wrong forum. I know from experience that a good forum for this type of question is “All Categories > Home & Garden > Maintenance & Repairs.” The home appliance experts can be found there. Good luck.

PS: When you re-post, put more info in your question, like the model number of the machine, what sort of load you are putting into it, and when during the wash cycle it switches off.

Lizzie asks…

Broken stove – should I repair, buy used, or buy new?

Our Hotpoint stove is 11 years old and needs repair, which will cost $265. It otherwise has worked very well. I can buy a nice used one less than 5 years old for around $300. Or I can buy a brand new one around $500. What should I do? We can come up with the money, but trying to be very budget-concious.

James Conley answers:

You have to look at what warranty information you have at hand..lets see 265 and the part that is fixed/replaced..may have 90 a day warranty on its performance..just for that part..300 may come with 90 to 180 days for the unit itself..however since its used you maybe able to say hey..i only have 225 and they sell it to you (after all people are hard up on cash these days) 500 may come with a 5 yr you have to view and and weigh your options..the choice is yours but this my way of thinking when it comes to buying appliances or electronics…

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