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Your Questions About Hotpoint Appliance Repair

Donna asks…

hotpoint washing machine keeps stopping in cycle and wont spin?

Hotpoint Wmud843 (with LCD Display, quiet motor) It will carry on washing if I turn the machine off and on again for a couple of turns but then cut out until I turn it off and on again.
I could do with an engineer/washing machine repair expert answering this please. I have a feeling its an electronic control board fault.
Pump working fine and pump filter clear

James Conley answers:

It can be caused by many things, including a failed pump or blocked filter. Have you checked that the drain pump is working and the filter is clear? If these are O/K it would be best to contact a local appliance repairer to check and advise.

Robert asks…

Hotpoint or Bosch for kitchen appliances?

Which brand is better for chimney hood, gas hob & electric oven? Hot point is cheaper however how realible is it ?

James Conley answers:

Personal choice would be Bosch, well built, reliable and long lasting. Our Bosch dishwasher and Dryer are over ten years old and have never suffered a major break down. I used to repair lots of Hotpoint appliances but very few Bosch.
( I believe Hotpoint is now part of the Indesit group which were generally considered to be in the budget category).

William asks…

my hotpoint freezer has stoped working HELP!?

We have got 1 fridge and 1 freezer ( both seprate) the frige is working normally but freezer is starting to defrost we cheaked the plugs and th eres no humming sound. My parents will of cource blame me and will kill me because i was the lat one but all i got out was something to cook. please help

James Conley answers:

Plug a different appliance in the socket (ie hair-dryer) to check the electricity is still
coming through.
If it isn’t then the trip switch will need to be re-set, if it is, then the problem would
either be with the fuse in the plug (replace) or worse… With the freezer.
If the problem is with the freezer, you will need a repair-man/person.

Also, your parents won’t hold you personally responsible, its not that easy to break a
freezer accidentally.

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