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Your Questions About Hotpoint Appliance Repair

Maria asks…

Fridge Freezer Coolant Gas Lost – Cost For Repair?

I have a Hotpoint Fridge Freezer. The small bore tubing has been fractured and all the gas has been lost. Given that the appliance is approximately 16 years old, is a repair possible and if so, any ideas as to how much it is likely to cost in the UK?

James Conley answers:

It is time to buy a new one. It will cost more to repair than it is worth and you will still have old Fridge that is not energy efficient. A new Fridge will save you money on your utility bill.

Good Luck

Donna asks…

What is best tumble dryer – Hoover or Bosch?

After two unlucky episodes with tumble dryers (an Indesit that went up in flames and now a Hotpoint that almost did the same on first use) I have had it with that manufacturer (both are basically the same, both owned by same company).

We are now looking at a getting a new one, our choices are down to either a Bosch or a Hoover. I haven’t much clue as to either, so can anyone give me their opinions on either makes, please?

James Conley answers:

Don’t know about Bosch but this is my second Hoover Tumble Dryer in 38 yrs. Present one was 20 yrs old in March and I as I like soft towels etc, unless delicate hand washing everything goes in the tumble dryer and is all the full time (120 mins) at least 4 – 6 times per week and NEVER have I had it repaired. How could I say a bad word about it? However, to be honest I think buying any electrical appliance nowadays is purely the ‘luck of the draw’ and what is one persons perfect appliance can be another persons nightmare!!!

Linda asks…

why does my general Electric washing machine Have trouble starting the wash cycle and quit running?

It is like something gets too hot after the first load and the motor quits and it just won’t run so i unplug it and can wash no more that day. also it has trouble getting the tub moving to get the wash started. it is a general electric and the model number is—wwa7070g

James Conley answers:

If you smell a burning smell then it could be that the motor is going caput or it could be the agitator
here are some more maybe’s only way to know is call a repair person.

There’s no delicate or regular spin or agitation
If your washer doesn’t spin or agitate on either the delicate or regular cycle, check these:

Selector switch
Clutch assembly
Drive motor

Selector switch
If your washer has a selector switch on the control panel, make sure the button for your selection is pressed all the way in, or set properly. The lid or door on the washer when you close it.

Clutch assembly
Many GE®/Hotpoint® washers use a clutch and an automatic shift lever. This assembly is quite complicated. If there’s a problem with it, you probably should contact a qualified appliance repair technician.

Drive motor
Many washing machines have multiple-speed drive motors. Though it’s uncommon, the drive motor may work fine on one speed but not on another. If the drive motor has failed on one speed, you need to replace the entire motor.

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