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Your Questions About Hotpoint Appliance Repair

David asks…

How do I replace condenser to hotpoint dryer?

I used to just slot it back in after cleaning it, but now it won’t go fully back and the door won’t close ( or pops open) really frustrating !!!

James Conley answers:

I’ve been repairing appliances for over 35 years and I have never heard of a condenser in a dryer. Are you perhaps talking about the lint screen? A little more information might garner more answers, such as model number. Perhaps a little history on what may have happened to cause the part not to fit now and what steps have you taken to fix the issue?

Mark asks…

What make of Washing Machine have you got, how old is it, and is it any good?

Our Whirlpool is on it’s last legs at 11 years old.

We’ve (which means me as I got yelled at to open the door) we’re using two screwdrivers to open it as the door handle/hinge broke off, until I found a cheap replacement handle and hinge for it on ebay…..

….but no sooner had I finished patting myself on the back for replacing the handle…. the power button is slipping from it’s in-position, causing it to stop mid-cycle. I’ve cut a matchstick and jammied it in to the small gap at the side of the button to keep it switched on permanently…. so it’s ok for now but trying to gauge what a good replacement brand could be.

James Conley answers:

According to people who repair washing machines, they last on average 10 years, anything extra is a bonus.

I made a mistake with my first machine, I bought a Hotpoint washer/drier thinking I’d be saving space and money. A few months into having it it was announced that they had a problem from factory and that they’ll be repaired for free, even after that it kept having all sort of troubles. We decided to get rid of it and we got ourselves a Miele, they cost a bit, what worth it, and as soon as we saved a bit we got a drier too.

Eight years later we’ve never had a problem with either machine and I’ve seen my friends getting rid of newer machines all this time. When it comes to washing machines I’ve learnt that it’s the appliance where you should spend the most.

Lisa asks…

HOTPOINT SY10X – built-in oven – makes noise even when not cooking is this a fault?

it is a high pitched noise, which only goes away if the electric to the oven is switched off. if this is not a fault, there is a call out charge of £30. does it sound like a fault, and would you use the oven?

James Conley answers:

Yes it is a problem,as no home appliance is made to make noise and harass the u better ask an engineer to check whats wrong with it & make sure u dont use it unless it is repaired, as it can undergo furthur damage.
Take care……………

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