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Your Questions About Hotpoint Appliance Repair

Susan asks…

How do I fix a washing machine?

Hotpoint washer, approx 15 years old. Spin cycle works, but wash cycle does not. I turn it to wash and it buzzes but the drum doesn’t agitate. How do I troubleshoot and/or repair and how expensive would it be? Am I better off giving it away?

James Conley answers:

In the cycle selector switch is a cam switch with anywhere from 2 to 10 levers on it. Based on the cycle and position of the switch the washer does whatever. But if one of the levers is broken off, or the contacts are burn off, unit will not run the cycle(s) affected. I have repaired 3 machines with this exact problem. However, 15 years, the parts may be unavailable or unreasonably expensive. Last one i bought was about 125 bucks for a switch. New washers sell for 200 to 225. Take it to a scrap yard or sell it to a appliance salvage or repair center, they can scavange good parts from it and you can make 20 to 100 bucks for it.

Steven asks…

If you bought Appliances in the last year?

I would like to know what you bought and are you happy with your stuff?
I usually seem to stick to Hotpoint as they are robust and good value.

James Conley answers:

I work for an appliance repair service as the parts dept manager. I know the repair ratio on appliances I tend to go with whirlpool products. Hotpoint is made by GE and I hate GE it has the highest repair ratio to all the appliances, and the parts cost more. Whirlpool has the lowest of the American made products and the parts cost less. Maytag which has been bought out by whirlpool also has a high repair ratio. Kenmore has many different manufacturers. They go to all the Manufacturers, Whirlpool, GE, Electrolux (which is Fridgidaire) and say we want to put our name on 300,000 units, you make them for us we’ll buy them from you and put our name on them. For instance the Kenmore duets you see are the same unit as the whirlpool duets just with the kenmore name on them. As for European brands Miele is the better product with the best customer service for repairs.

Paul asks…

oven is in the off position but still on It is a Hotpoint but I do not know the model number.?

What should be done until I can get it repaired.
It is a gas stove. Electronic ignition. It is too hot to open to check model number.

James Conley answers:

You have a broken infinite switch if it’s electric and it’s probably a bad oven temperature sensor or oven valve. Call me if you have questions 404-671-9117. Atlanta Appliance Repair company available at

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