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Your Questions About Ge Refrigerator Repairman

Susan asks…

Does anyone know how stop the ice dispenser from doing crush ice even if it’s on cubed ice setting?

I have a GE Refrigerator with a water and ice dispenser. When I push cubed ice, it still comes out crushed. It is clogging up the shoot that the ice comes out of. I have visited the GE website and looked at the troubleshooting manual. I’ve done everything they said to do for this problem and it’s still a problem. I don’t want to call a repairman for something that I can probably fix. Please help.

James Conley answers:

The cubed feature is activated by a solenoid that raises an arm on the side of the ice storage bucket. This raises a flapper that allows the ice to bypass the cutting grid that makes crushed ice. Either the wire activating arm is not inserted into the solenoid cradle properly, or the solenoid is bad. When you select “cubes” & activate the dispenser, you should hear a loud “snap” as the solenoid operates.

Carol asks…

How do you get the cover off the switch for the light in a GE refrigerator?

The light will not work in our GE refrig. We got a new bulb but it still doesn’t work. How do you get the cover off of the light switch to change the switch?

James Conley answers:

First i would unplug the frig and check the socket, it might have corrison from moisture in it not allowing the bulb to make contact to light up…..otherwise the switches 99% of the time snap into place you just need to pry it out…..but if you don’t know how to do that i would call a repairman

John asks…

Water dispenser won’t work on GE refrigerator. Why is there no flow through tube in freezer door?

GE side-by-side refrigerator GSH25JSRFSS. I can disconnect the water supply tube at a compression union at the lower-left side, sort of underneath the freezer door. When the water switch is activated, water flows through the tube at the disconnected union. But when the water supply tube is reconnected, there’s no flow downstream of the union. With the tube disconnected, I can try to blow through the tube, from the water dispenser outlet, “backwards” — down toward the disconnected union — but I cannot get any flow when trying to blow backwards through that tube. There’s either a valve in the freezer door that isn’t opening; or, if there is no valve, then the tube is clogged. Can anyone tell me whether there is such a valve, and how to disassemble the freezer door to replace the valve or replace the (clogged?) tube?

James Conley answers:

I have a GE side by side as well and I have the exact same problem. I answered this same thing a while back so I copied my answer from that question for you to read here:

This has happened to my fridge also. I had a repairman at my house working on the washing machine so I asked him what could be the reason I can’t get water in the door. He said often it is the waterline in the door that is frozen. He recommended that I turn off and empty the freezer for several hours and let it thaw.

I turned off the fridge and emptied the freezer and then placed a small heater near the door to warm it up. I did this for a couple of hours then the water worked great. It did the trick for a while but eventually it froze up again and now I just don’t mess with it anymore and leave it frozen.

You can also speed things up by using a hairdryer on the door but make sure you’ve given it enough time to have thawed. If you give up too soon it may still be plugged with ice.

I’d try this before calling a repairman if I were you. It’s easy and it’s free!

Good luck!


I hope this helps!

Donald asks…

Will a defective refrigerator temperature control cause my freezer to ice up?

I just replaced the defrost heaters, thermostat and defrost timer on my GE side by side refrigerator freezer and my freezer is still iceing up and runs continously. I haven’t changed the refrigerator temperature control yet. Will a defective refrigerator control affect the freezer and cause it to ice up?

James Conley answers:

After you check the freon you might want to experiment with different settings on the control. I know in my GE fridge, if I have the temperature control off by just a hair, stuff on the top shelf starts to freeze up on me. Frozen cucumbers don’t taste good, by the way. Get a refrigerator thermometer in the grocery store and put it towards the back on the fridge on the top shelf and watch the temperature for a few days.

Then call in a repairman!

Good luck.

David asks…

GE side by side Refrigerator high pitch humming sound from freezer?

I have a GE Side by side refrigerator Model # GSH25JFRF. It has started to make a very high pitched humming sound that seems to be coming from the freezer side. If i turn the temperature dial to zero for one second the sound stops. I can then turn the temperature dial back to my normal setting and it won’t make any noise for sometime.

James Conley answers:

There is an evaporator fan motor inside the freezer that blows the cold air throughout the fridge it is probably in need of some oil or is going bad. You have to take the interior panels apart to get to it, so it is probably best left to a repairman.


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