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Your Questions About Ge Refrigerator Repairman

Lisa asks…

I have a ge refrigerator model number gss25lgm/gss25lsm and for some reason its not getting cold anymore?

I hear the fan in the freezer on and I see the fan in the back running but everything is melting. Can someone help me out and give me an idea to whats going on with this refrigerator

James Conley answers:

First thing I would do is vacuum the rear vents and what not around the fans. Aot of times dirt can make it stop running. If that doesn’t help,take your panel off in the freezer and see if it is frosted up with ice.Melt the ice with blow dryer or steamer .This will buy you some time to get a repairman in there and save the food. Hope this helps.

Donna asks…

why is my freezer making a moaning, ghostlike noise?

Have a two-year old GE side-by-side refrigerator; the freezer side makes a VERY ghost-like moan/whine, usually in the evening-night hours. It sounds a bit whistle-y, like air passing through a tight space. Sound lasts about 10-15 seconds, ascending in tone and then descending, and repeats regularly. No temperature problems or frosting, though–otherwise is running fine. GE FAQ at indicates that most modern fridges “moan, groan or sizzle.” Dug around the Web and only found one similar experience, someone who had a repairman come out. He installed a “noise pack” on the back of the appliance that didn’t really help. Should I bother coughing up the dough for a service call?

James Conley answers:

Sounds like its haunted.

Linda asks…

I have water collecting on the bottom of my refridgerator. What causes this?

Otherwise, the fridge works fine. Its not coming from the icemaker.

James Conley answers:

This wouldn’t be a (&^$%@( GE refrigerator, would it?

The inspiration for my adoration of GE is, that I had one of their fridges too, for over 6 years. I keep the house set at a reasonable temp in summer (75-78), and I keep the fridge/freezer temps set at the middle, or slightly colder.

Yet the dam fridge continually leaked water from the door. Rusty water. Rusty water that stained the vinyl floor.

After just the first month, the GE repairman came out and replaced the door, but said it wasn’t going to make a difference. The problem was condensation on the inside of the door, and the cause was (according to HIM) that I keep it too warm in the house. 75 is too warm??? I think not. The cause is a lousy design for your pos refrigerator.

Eventually, I got so fed up with having to leave a paper towel on the floor all the time to soak up the leaking, that I just bought a lovely, wonderful, new Kenmore (not made by GE), that doesn’t care what temp the house is, it doesn’t leak water on the floor.

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