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Your Questions About Ge Refrigerator Repairman

Robert asks…

Why does the defroster on my GE refrigerator keep burning out?

I have a GE side-by-side that is repeatedly having defrost problems. A professional repairman has replaced every part possible (mother board, defroster, thermostat, etc.), checked wiring, etc., and the problem keeps recurring about every 4-6 weeks. He has replaced the burned out defroster three times! Any idea what could be causing this?

James Conley answers:

This is an unusual problem indeed. We can only guess at the solution.

My guess is that there maybe a shield missing. Sometimes these refrigerators have a shield that prevents too much water pouring directly on the element.

Another possibility is that the element comes in pairs, and that both of them have to be replaced at the same time. It is important to replace the wiring harness at the same time. If the old wiring harness is used, it may have a short.

My next guess is the wiring connection, make sure that the connection is water proof. Sometimes the wiring harness has some give or has become loose. This will cause resistance which will burn the element out prematurely.

Also, the thermostat must have the correct value, if the thermostat is too high, the elements may be heating too long.

And my last guess is: There is a leak in the seal or dispenser allowing air to infiltrate the freezer creating too much frost build up between defrost cycles, this would result in way too much water pouring over the element thereby reducing its life.

Paul asks…

I have a Monogram refrigerator that is not keeping cool?

The repairman said it would cost about 1k to replace the compressor. And he also said that he can’t guarantee the job because I am the 2nd owner of this piece of junk.
What shall I do? Junk it? To replace it would cost about 5k. It’s one of those ceiling high counter depth Euro style.
It’s out of warranty.

James Conley answers:

Call a GE authorized service center,it might just be the computer board that will only cost about 200.00 to replace

Chris asks…

what is the most reliable brand of appliances?

Help, all our appliances are breaking down (dishwasher, washing machine, and refrigerator). What brand is the most reliable for function and longevity?

James Conley answers:

I think my most recent Consumers Report generally gave the GE profile series higher marks on the whole than others. I’m looking to soon replacing several so keeping my eyes open for reports. Electrolux got poor ratings…too bad I like one of their items.

I don’t think you can state one line or brand is better than another anymore since they are often made by one company and receive a different name as they go out the door. For example Kenmores (were) mainly Whirpools, etc

Long term reliability just isn’t there anymore. A friend needed a new stove after 8 years. When she inquired to the repairman and asked how long they last his response was with all the new computer stuff and complexities 10 years for a stove was about average. Same for most other appliances.

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