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Your Questions About Ge Refrigerator Repair Parts

Mandy asks…

Through the door ice maker/water?

I have a GE refridge with through the door icemaker and water. When you put a glass in there and select water, it doesn’t shut off. The water will run continuously. As far asI know, if you leave it on ice, it will just make enough to fil the hopper and stop. The water is obviously the problem. What do I need to do to fix it?
first two losers don’t allow email, so i ‘ll let them know right here. Don’t you think I’ve thought of that, dumbass? Icemaker shuts off when full, water keeps running when I use it. If you don’t have an answer, then shut the hell up! Jesus, I hate stupid fuckers that have to throw their two cent’s worth in even if they don’t know what the hell they’re talking about. I can make guesses all day long, but that don’t fix my fridge, you stupid fucks. Shut the hell up if you don’t know your azz from a hole in the ground.

James Conley answers:

It would help to know Model #. GE has used a mechanical and an electronic type control for dispensers. If you have mechanical (older type) Then simply replace the cherry switch triggered at the top of, or behind the water cradle. If the electronic type and I suspect it is then you’ll need to replace the dispenser control board. To remove it you use a small flat blade screw driver. Insert the blade between the overlay plastic and the seam that runs around it. Carefully pry it out and unplug the connectors. You can remove power to this area by removing the cover on the freezer door hinge. You will find a disconnect here, Just pull apart then disconnect the defective part. You will be able to let the refrigerator run now while you obtain the replacement part. Reassemble in reverse order. At the same time make sure the door in the ice shoot seals closed all the way or you may get a repeat failure. Sometimes the door hangs open and will let moisture to condense around the dispenser control board. Any question about the repair just drop me an e-mail.

Nancy asks…

GE Adora Ice Maker Repair Help Please!?

The plastic cap piece at the end of the auger unit on our GE Adora Refrigerator‘s ice maker is cracked. We’d like to order a new piece but we have no idea what it is called. It attaches the auger piece to the back of the ice bucket. Are there any drawings with reference numbers available or do you happen to know what it’s called? Thanks for your help!
Could it be called the Ice Dispenser Bucket Drive Cup?

James Conley answers:

That might be what GE calls it. If you click on this site and enter your model number, they’ll show you everything about your ice maker, with diagrams and photos of the actual parts.
I love that, when my model comes up, the parts shown first are the ones most commonly ordered.
Good Luck

John asks…

coils in the freezer keep freezing up freezer works fine but fridge gets warm?

James Conley answers:

My parents have a GE fridge and the exact same thing happened to theirs a while back.

A repairman came and emptied out the freezer compartment and took off the cover on the back wall. Behind that cover there is a large thing called the evaporator and it’s similar to a radiator. Air passes over it and is cooled and then flows into the refrigerator compartment. If it gets frosted over no air can pass over it and the refrigerator compartment becomes warm. On theirs, that part was completely frozen over because a defroster had burned out. The defroster cycles on now and then and melts any frost that has built up keeping it clear for air to flow.

I bet if you empty your freezer and take off the back panel there’s a good chance yours is frosted over to the point of blocking air flow.

Here’s a link to a youtube video that explains the basics about what I’ve said above…

And here is a link that is more specific to a GE fridge that shows step by step how to change the heater in a GE model…Your fridge is probably very similar and you can probably find a video on youtube.

You can do a search on youtube and get more specific about your model and find lots of other videos there to troubleshoot your particular issue. It’s a really easy fix if you can properly diagnose it. Figure out your parts number online by doing a google search of your model fridge and then it’s very simple to order repair parts fairly cheaply. I think their heater was about $40. You can tell if the heater is burned out generally by simply looking at it. It will look like a burned out light bulb on their model. Yours may be a different design.

You can get your fridge back working ok for a few days by defrosting the evaporator with a hairdryer while you have it uncovered and that will give you some time until the new part or parts come.

Hope this helps and if I can help you find more specific info please contact me.
Good luck!

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