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Your Questions About Ge Refrigerator Repair Parts

Ken asks…

Has anyone else had a problem with GE customer service?

My refridgerator stopped working on Jul. 6th. They have sent out six different repairmen. They replaced the same parts twic. They say they can’t repair it yet GE refuses to give me another one even though I bought an extended warrenty.

James Conley answers:

I found several others having a problem with GE:

Joseph asks…

Do you what the problem could be?

Yesterday night here was a black out, some power shortening in the area, when the commercial power came back the digital panel of my refrigerator didn’t come up, lights did thought, but the numbers that show the temperature didn’t and because of this is not cooling nor freezing. Do you know what the problem may be? Can anyone help me? I’ll appreciate it. Thank you for your help. For whatever is worth the model number, I think that’s what it is, is GE-F228JSAA is a General Electric.
I had a protector.

James Conley answers:

Possibly a power surge shorted something out. You should always plug important and expensive items in to power surge protector. I would call a repair man or if you think your up to it, unplug it and take it apart. If you see a part that looks burnt out, replace it.

Sandy asks…

My refrigerator and Freezer is not cooling as it should. I can hear it running, but not getting cold?

It is a GE side by side 10 years old. Is it worth having someone fix it? What would it cost? HELP

James Conley answers:

Have you cleaned the coils? They are usually underneath or in back – and must be kept clear and clean for proper operation.

After which, check the door gasket(s).

Note that a modern refrigerator will use substantially less power than your existing unit size-for-size. You may also qualify for a tax credit and some utilities will pay you to take the old one away. So, if cleaning it and checking the gaskets does not fix the problem I would advise you not to waste your time having it repaired further – something that will cost you a minimum of $75 just to get a service person there – more if parts or substantial labor is needed. Use that towards a new unit.

NOTE: These units use completely sealed systems – if it is, in fact, low on refrigerant there is a leak somewhere. Repairing the leak will add substantially to the service cost – making a new unit the much better option.

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