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Your Questions About Ge Refrigerator Repair Manual

Nancy asks…

Please help feeling desperate no money and car, washer & refrigerator all went out this week need washer help?

They shot off water and when it came back on when II turned it on it puffed out air and sort of jiggled washer.

Then it had no fast agitation just slow.

I went upstairs and figured it went through cycles and was just agitating slowly as fast no longer works on all setting.

But in the car brother finally mentioned asher was full of water so I turned it back on.

We were gone 10 hours and I figured would come home to stopped washer that did not drain.

finally got home and washer was still washing–hot as can be and smelling burnt.

I hoped to get it to drain and finish load so manually advanced it and it drained but then did not stop and never refilled with water unless done manual. after filled could not get it to spin and drain at all tried shutting on and off at various settings and finally drained and I shot off.

It is as if a time or something is not letting the washer advance through the cycle.

Not sure if the slow agitation is a separate problems or what happened

I have to replace fridge first as food is thawing so hoping can fix washer myself.

what might I do to try to fix it..what might be wrong and if you think it needs a part how much about might that be

Please help as I am disabled and cant hardly walk, let alone lug laundry to the car as it hurts so I need a washer. Don’t want to burn the motor or stay down there all the time making sure it is ok,

thank is a kenmore apartment size washer and was working fine till the burst of air when water came back to pipes with a pressurized whoosh, seemed to do something to the washing machine.what I don’t know –super depressed with all that plus several other things going on.

Real answers please on what might be going with it…not unhelpful answers like I got last time..dont need answers like call a repairman (no money) or operator error did you shut the lid…obviously having used a washer for over 50 years, I know you need to shut the lid.

I did think of craig’s list and I am a little scared of getting roaches or people lying as there is no warranty.

I would not get new only used..there is a used place if worst comes to worst..I was just hoping it might be something not to hard to fin..

my research said maybe a timer or timer time..but not sure how much those are or if hard to do yourself or not or if it might be something else.

James Conley answers:

This is a long shot but might be worth trying — last year my friend had the same thing happen (her washer died) while she was temporarily disabled for two months after foot surgery. To help her out I tried looking for a used washer for her on Craigslist but also stopped at Home Depot and Lowes building centers to look — often they have scratch and dent appliances marked down really cheap. I didn’t find any on the floor but while I was looking at Home Depot I talked to one of their sales guys and told him the story of how my friend’s washer had died and she desperately needed something quickly and cheap. He told me they had two in the back room that were discontined models and he could sell me one for only $93! This was a $300 GE washer with full warranty, brand new and never used. Even with tax it was only $100 and they delivered it for her free. If you can get to a large appliance store like that it doesn’t hurt to tell them your situation and ask. Most have some sort of damaged appliances or ones that were returned in their back stock and can give you a deal. In fact, I bought my own fridge as a scratch and dent — it has a bent corner and a scrape along the side (which is hidden by the cabinets) but it has worked perfectly for 10 years and cost me half the new price ($300 instead of $599). I also got my dryer the same way at K-Mart a few years ago — half price ($225) because it was a discontinued model and the last one in stock. Since models change around this time of year (just like cars) this is not a bad time to find a discontinued appliance at a reduced price. You would be surprised how willing some stores are to give people a deal on something they have sitting around — they get it out of the way and they build good will with a customer by doing so.

If you have no luck with that, don’t worry about buying used washers and dryers. Roaches typically don’t live in those. Refrigerators I would only buy new because they can harbor roaches and mold.

It is possible to do some repairs on appliances but you have to have tools and some basic skills. You could check your local library for books on appliance repair — places like Lowes and Barnes and Noble sell such books too. They usually have good illustrations and you can determine if you think you can handle things like replacing control units. Unfortunately with a lot of the newer digital appliances that is not as easy as it used to be.

Your fridge may need some maintenance — have you vacuumed off the compressor coils in the back? Does it need a new rubber gasket around the door? You can buy and install the gaskets. Sometimes just emptying a fridge out and letting it completely defrost for 48 hours, then cleaning it and restarting it can improve performance. They can get a lot of ice buildup inside the walls that deforms the doors and causes air leakage.

It can also be worthwhile to subscribe to Angie’s List if there is a branch in your town. It is around $20 a year but gives you access to recommended contractors and repair people who will not rip you off. They also have coupons for cheaper repairs and services for members with local workmen and there are often discounts for seniors or the disabled. If there is a branch of Rebuilding Together in your city they might offer you some resources as well. Rebuilding is an organization that helps seniors and the disabled to keep their homes and appliances functioning.

Anyway, good luck. I know how hard it can be to be strapped for money and have major appliances punk out on you.

Jenny asks…

Landlord wants to me to sign addendum for new appliance?

I rent a house where the stove, dishwasher, and refrigerator are furnished. The stove and refrig went on the fritz about a month ago. The stove was leaking gas and the refrig freezer kept freezing over [food kept getting warm until either he or I defrosted the freezer every two weeks].

He came out two times for each appliance and tried to argue that they were working fine, but I had to call the gas company for the stove and the GE repair guy for the refrig – due to no resolution from the landlord. Gas company confirmed the stove was leaking gas – GE repair man said the refig was broke and needed an auto defrost part. (basically, I was right about everything)

He, then called one afternoon a week later and showed up 5 mins later with new stainless steel stove and refig.

He installed both appliances, refused to give me the appliance manuals, and demanded that I sign an addendum [for the refig only] to pay $25 for each inch worth of scratches if they find any by the end of lease/move out.

The new refig was installed incorrectly – and would not cool the food until I downloaded the manual and fixed the issue myself. Wow…. I refused to sign the appliance addendum – the charge for scratches was ridiculous and why give me and addendum for the refig and not the new stove as well?????

James Conley answers:

He can charge you for damaging his property if you sign or not. It does not really matter. He just wants proof you understand how much damages will cost. He can just sign it “refused to sign” and stuff it in your file. No big deal.

Mary asks…

How to remove icemaker from GE G5H25JFRF BB refrigerator?

James Conley answers:

I can not find information on the specific model number you give, but has the manuals with really good step by step directions for repairs.

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