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Your Questions About Ge Refrigerator Repair Help

Maria asks…

what is the best refrigerator for a family, or washing machine and dryer?

why? give personal testimonies please

James Conley answers:

I don’t know what area of the country you are in, I live in Central Florida and I just bought a dishwasher Sunday from a Scratch and Dent Appliance Center. The dishwasher was dented on the side, but since it slides in to the counter you couldn’t even tell! The original price on the dishwasher ( A Kitchenaid model) was $754.00 and we only paid $202.00.

My husband installed it and it works just fine. They offered a 3 day return or exchange on site, and then the manufacturerers one year warranty kicks in. They also said if you had to call for 3 or more repairs in the year they would exchange it for the same model or one of equal value. They are brand new, not returns or refurbished machines!

They had Refrigerators, Stoves, Dishwasheres, Air conditioners, Micro waves, stand alone ice makers, Freezers, Washers, and Dryers with all the bells and whistles, or plain as you could ask for!
You might check and see if there is anything like that in your area. I have talked to a couple of peopl,e that have bought from this company in years past and they have all been very satisfied!
They were all brand names, Kitchenaid, Frigidaire, Whirlpool, Maytag, Amana, LG, GE to name a few.

Charles asks…

What is the best name brand dishwasher you can buy?

I can’t seem to get a good deal on a dishwasher. Everyone I purchase just doesn’t last. The first one we had in the house when we first bought it was the best..Kitchen Aid but these days applicances are bought out by others so you really don’t know who’s making her applicances.

James Conley answers:

We replaced an older dishwasher with a Whirlpool dishwasher and it has done an excellent job for like 10 years! GE Profile is also good.

FYI recently we had an appliance repair company help us install a Stainless Steel combination Microwave Electric Oven as well as fix the icemaker on our side by side refrigerator and when asking the owner about extended warranties etc, i remember the remark he said about how many dishwashers he often fixed was because people didn’t take the extra time to wash or clean off the heavy grime on their dishes before pulling them into their dishwashers and it often burnt out the motor!

True or not, I don’t honestly know but such advice may help make your next dishwasher outlive all others… Also now that I think about your situation, definitely buying the EXTENDED WARRANTY on Your New Dishwasher would be an investment worth some consideration bec replacement/repair would be mostly at THEIR EXPENSE

Hope the Above Info Helps and Best of Luck!

David asks…

Landlord Refusing to Repair/Replace Broken Fridge/Freezer?

I am currently renting my first apartment, in upstate New York. I have been here for about 1 month, and so far, the landlord-tenant relationship has been a little frustrating.

The apartment was very “old” (needed spackling and repainting), as it had not been done for over 5 years prior to my renting. Before signing the lease, it was agreed and made clear that the apartment would be updated/all set PRIOR to my move-in. I received an email from the landlord 1 day before the move, stating the apartment was not ready but that perhaps if I gave him another week it might be done. Due to circumstances, I ended up moving in as planned as I was not able to wait another week. This was about 4 weeks ago.

Long story short, the apartment finally (after eventually needing to become very insistant with him) has been finished as of today. However, the refrigerator is a 1979 GE freezer-in-fridge, and not working properly. I first noticed it within a few days of moving in, but tried to expirament a little first. I found that with the temperature set anywhere except the lowest setting, everything in the fridge turns to solid ice. However, regardless of what setting it is set at the freezer simply won’t freeze my food. I finally bought some ice to at least keep things cold, but nothing freezes unless it is directly on top of the ice.

I notified the landlord of this about 5 days ago, and he has taken a look at it, but insists that it is fine (even with my food sitting there unfrozen). There is also a lot of condensation, which causes the fridge food to spoil and now some frost is building up on the food in the freezer. He insists that for this kind of fridge, everything is normal…. But my food will wilt and/or mold (depending on what it is) within about 2 days – or about twice as fast as it should.

In NY State, it is the legal obligation of the landlord to have all appliances in working order and for all repairs to be done within reasonable time. How long do I have to wait before taking further action on this? I would be willing to purchase a new fridge of my own, but it is against the lease contract to do so.

Also, it is a NY state law that each apartment have a peephole. I personally would feel much, much safer with one installed (my neighbors literally will let anyone in – the other day they let in my boyfriend without asking or knowing who he was). When I asked my landlord if it would be OK to install one, he replied only saying “WE NEED TO TALK.” I sent him an email letting him know that talking would be a good idea, and asked when would be most convenient for him, but have yet to receive a response.

The landlord lives in the same house (it is an apartment house), but mainly communicates via hand notes. I am starting to become a little irritated, and wondering how far I need to let this go before it violates tenant right laws?

James Conley answers:

Yes he is in Violation of the law in your state below are the links to the housing authority You can buy a new fridge and take it out of the rent He can’t retaliate either that’s illegal Read the first one its whats you can do e how print it out You can also file a compliant with housing links included read all carefully
sounds like you moved into a slum lords building but there are laws to protect you He probably knows that you have not read landlord/tenant laws.

AS far as the peep hole if it was not included at the time you rented He’s not required to install one
by any law whether he allows you to do so is a toss up because it can be considered damage to the unit and he can sue you for a new door.

Your landlord already violated tenant laws make sure you print them all out and show it to him so he knows your not playing games and won’t be tolerating BS either Keep in mind he went from friend to foe so if you do anything wrong he will jump all over that and be a pain in the grass to work with.

He is a cheap slum lord plan and simple Be informed know your rights and spell it out He knows he is in the wrong But he don’t know You have friends with rule books In Higher places Every mail he has sent print out and keep it, Those are records that can be used in court. Anything he tells you get in writing the he said she said Don’t hold up in court if it goes that far so its important You keep it professional I do this with my tenants but then again I am not a slum lord either He also has a certain amount of time to do it that will also be in the links below Keep all documentation concerning this guy.

I would take his lease to a tenant law attorney He can’t over ride state law and prevent you from buying a new fridge to replace a broken one ? That’s smells a little fishy to me The law in your state says that reasonable time is 72 hrs Tell him you want a professional to look at it considering he is not one to make the call that its fine.


Hope it helps

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