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Your Questions About Ge Refrigerator Repair Help

Paul asks…

How do you pick a good refrigerator?

OK once you find what you want, any recos on where to buy?

James Conley answers:

I read consumer reports the May issue has a listing of the most reliable brands which require the least repairs. From Page 15:

Most Reliable Brands:
GE, Kenmore for both top freezer and side by side models
Amana, Kenmore for bottom freezers
Most repair prone:
Sub-zero for side by side models
Maytag for top freezer models
Sub-zero for built ins with bottom freezers

You really also have to take a look at the opening that you have for the fridge and the space in which the doors or drawer will slide. As much as I would like to have an armoire style fridge, the drawer design would give me little room for access due to my kitchen’s design. Also, consider how you use the storage space for the fridge. Many manufacturers are including handy storage systems designed for specific product storage. That does you no good if you drink soda in a 2 liter instead of a can, or beer in a bottle rather than a can, as an example. Also, although an ice maker is almost the standard anymore, do you need through the door access? I have both the icemaker and water/ice door access which has been repaired under my extended warranty 6 times and the entire unit replaced twice in the almost 10 years I’ve owned it. Then there is the energy efficiency question. I’m probably going to replace mine soon as it is the single most electric appliance for energy usage in my home.

I also ask the guy who owns our local appliance repair shop to see what brands he sees for repairs the most and what he rarely services. (Wealth of info, he’ll also share the ones that are THE most expensive to repair, as well.)

Jenny asks…

Which make and model of 2008 Top-Freezer Refrigerators and Upright Freezers are recommended by Consumer Report

I’ve put up vegetables from the garden and now my freezer is needing to be replaced. My refrigerator is also needing a lot of repair. I’ve been told Consumer Report has listed the best Upright freezers and top-freezer refrigerators. If you subscribe to Consumer Report, could you tell me the make and model of the best 2008 Upright freezer and Top-freezer refrigerator. Thank you

James Conley answers:

In the August 2008 issue here are the top-freezer refrigerators listed in order of score (there are only three top-freezer):
GE Profile PTS22LHR at $1,350
Frigidaire FRT18S6A at $550
Kenmore 7419 at $530
“The GE offers stainless steel, a water dispenser, more usable space and less noise for its higher price. Both of the narrower, lower-priced models offer lots of performance for the dollar. Between the two, consider the Kenmore for its added fridge and freezer space if you can fit its slightly larger dimension.”
In the magazine ratings there are 7 bottom-freezers, 4 side-by-side and 3 built-ins. This issue does not rate upright freezers (or any for that matter).
Hope this helps.

James asks…

My refrigerator is set on low but it freezes everything.?

I have a 20 yr old GE refridgerator that (while set on low settings) tends to freeze things even in the crisper. The door seal is fine, and compressor cycles on/off normally There is no ice build up

James Conley answers:

The first thing a lot of people think about is a bad thermostat. Don’t just go get one and try it. They are expensive! Look on the back of your fridge and you will find a metal cover held in place with 1/4″ sheet metal screws. Remove screws and cover. You will find what is called a heat exchanger(two tubes soldered together)covered with a black insulation material. Cut open a small area of the insulation to reveal the tubes. If the tubes have separated this is your problem(and not an uncommon one either)
You must clean the copper tubes with Emory cloth until you have bright shiny copper again. Once clean join the tubes together again using wire ties. Join the as tight as you can. If possible get some heat sink compound and run down the tubes where they are joined. Get new insulation and cut it open with razor blade. Put this over repaired tubes and seal with duct tape.

I do this job a lot and it works very well.

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