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Your Questions About Ge Refrigerator Repair Cost

Jenny asks…

I can hear my refrigerator running but its not cold anymore?

Is it low on freon? How much does it usually cost to have it filled by someone?

James Conley answers:

I had this problem last week. My freezer and refrigerator were both warm, but I could still hear it running. When the repair guy came out he immediately checked the back interior of the freezer (had to remove a panel) and it was entirely frozen solid with ice. He said the defroster had stopped working, which caused the coils to all freeze. It took him about an hour to get all of the ice off. He replaced the defroster. Total cost was around $250.00. We have a GE side by side Profile, about 8 years old.
Works fine now.

Ruth asks…

my refrigerator ge profile 6 yr old, is?

making weird sounds since last two months it would make sound then stop after a minute, but now the sound has become longer and wont stop. pl suggest what is that compressor or something else.need to change or repair the fridge

James Conley answers:

Only two things make a sound on a frig. The fan that blows all the time inside of the frig. That moves cold air from the freezer to the frig. Can get loose or the fan blade is hitting something or most common the bearings in the electric fan motor are worn out. These fan motors don’t cost much, and anybody a little bit hand can replace one. It is in the freezer compartment behind some plastic shields. If your compressor is making a noise, it is not long for this world. It will not be cost effective to replace a compressor in a 6 yr old frig. Average life is 8 to 10 years. Frig is worth $250 at most now. Service call to replace compressor will push $400.

Laura asks…

What is wrong with my refrigerator?

My GE is only 4 years old. The fridge is not cooling, the freezer barely. It was running very loudly before the trouble. Is it worth calling a repair person or should I look for a new one?

James Conley answers:

Sounds like the pump went out. Probably cost a few hundred to replace it. Depend on how much the GE is worth

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