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Your Questions About Ge Refrigerator Repair Cost

Lizzie asks…

How much frost should my refrigerator evaporator coil have on it?

I have a GE Profile refrigerator. Model number PDS22LBNBB. The freezer is on the bottom. The top refrigerator portion began getting warmer and ultimtely was not cooling.

I couldn’t afford to pay repair cost so did it myself. I took the inside back panel off of the freezer and the evaporator coil ( is that what it’s called? ) was frosted over so badly you could hardly tell what it was. I blew it off with hairdryer and my refrigerator starting cooling again. Yet the coil would freeze/frost over badly after only one day. I’d blow dry it again.

Finally, I did some reading and concluded the defrost timer, the defrost heater, or the defrost thermostat was bad. Tested and elimanated the timer. It was working. The type of heater I have is the long black one that goes up both sides and along the bottom of the coil and I was told they rarely go bad unless you see burnt spot. Concluded the thermostat was bad and when pulled it out you could see that it had popped out of the little casing some and I guess the wire connection was not making contact.

It was an L-45 which means it kicks on at 45 degrees ( I was told ) and I bought a new one today that says it’s an L-42. Supposed to be the replacement for it. I guess the 3 degrees difference doesn’t matter.

Again, I installed the new one today and have been checking it and it appears that the coil is frosting over pretty good again. Is this typical? How much do the coils frost over because it’s building up quickly even though I’ve installed this new thermostat.

Any insights into all of this will be greatly appreciated.

blessings in advance.
Good’s working…it’s working! I fixed it. I checked it again probably an hour after posting this question and all of the frost was defrosted off of it so that I could see the entire coil completely with no frost on it. For you two guys who have already answered. A guy who’s been working on ’em for like 35 years told me today that there is supposed to be some frost build up but I didn’t know how much. I guess that’s why the heater is in there…and the whole set up so that it can continually keep it defrosted. Anyhow, at the end of the day…the $25 thermostat was bad and was causing me all of the trouble. So it pays to check out things yourself! I’m stoked….YEEEEEEHHHHAAAAWW…they were going to charge me $200 to $300 to come out and fix this thing!

James Conley answers:

Very common problem if you are low on freon.

Mary asks…

Refrigerator/Freezer stopped working?

My refrigerator has stopped working. It has ice build up on the back of the freezer which means it’s not defrosting and transporting the cold air. I’m currently defrosting it, but I believe there may be a larger problem. It is a GE model TXF20JA and is 20 years old. My dilemma is to repair or replace. If I’m going to spend $400-500 to fix it, I would rather invest that into a new one, but if it’s under $300 AND it will last 6 – 7 more years I’ll fix it. What is anyone’s thoughts?

Thanks in advance for your help

James Conley answers:

Unplug it for about 24 hours to get rid of all the ice build up. That should work, but if the problem returns it could be the automatic defrost timer. If you are a bit of a handyman you may be able to replace this yourself (it’s easier on some models than on others). Otherwise, it shouldn’t cost too much to have someone in to replace it for you. But I would start saving for a new refrigerator!

Good Luck!

Lisa asks…

GE Profile stainless steel (bottom freezer) refrigerator is at 64degrees. Repair compressor or replace?

Evaporator fan working Freezer at -1 degree & working.
Need cost or repair vs replacement advice

James Conley answers:

A stainless steel refrigerator is not cheap. Check and make sure there is no frost on the back wall of the freezer. Sometomes it has to reach or see back in there but, it is something that needs to be done. Make sure the controls are set properly. All so check the vents inside are not blocked by food packages. If all of these failure and it still not cooling. Call GE at 18003861215 and see if they will repair or can set you up a concession for repair. It is worth repairing if it an electrical item. A service tech in your homw can best judge the sealed system repairs. Good luck.

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