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Your Questions About Ge Refrigerator Repair

Nancy asks…

What would cause my GE refrigerator not to cycle after it has shut off from reaching its temperature?

My frige will reach the temp set, but will not cycle on and will continue to defrost. I have to manually adjust the temp setting for it to start the cycle.

James Conley answers:

Your defrost cycle will take approximately 30 mins to an hour to defrost properly. And it does it every 6 to 8 hours. If that is not happening, then you need a repair man to determine if the compressor relay and overload is defective.

James asks…

How much to repair/replace a broken compressor on my refrigerator? Is it worth it?

It’s a Whirlpool, side-by-side, 7 years old. I replaced the compressor fan motor 2 years ago. The fridge cost $900 new, including tax and delivery, plus the motor 2 years ago ended up costing me $120.

I just priced new fridges and ones of comparable size are $900 and up.

Before I start calling around to repairmen, I thought I’d check to see if anyone has an idea. Some of the repair places won’t give you an estimate even if you know exactly what is wrong (I hate that).

Is it worth having repaired (it’s in good condition otherwise) or should I just trash it and buy a new one?

Thanks in advance.
Thanks for the super-quick answers so far. I used to think Whirlpool was the best, but after this experience, I’m not so sure. Unfortunately most of the ones carried by Best Buy, etc seem to be Whirlpool. I also wasn’t happy with my experience when I called them 2 years ago – the fridge was warm between the panels which meant the compressor fan wasn’t blowing – but they told me “It’s supposed to be warm there” – yeah, I guess, but not warm enough to practically heat my kitchen! I took their word for it and waited months before looking on the web and finding out what the REAL problem was. So Whirlpool customer service – not great either.

James Conley answers:

My GE profile fridge is covered under an extended warranty and is nearly 10 years old. The compressor went last year and the bill would have been $700 if I did not have the warranty coverage. It took them almost an entire day to get to it, remove the old one and put in the new one. Quite honestly, I paid $2,000 for the model I have and I would never buy another GE because this one has had so many things go wrong with it.

Chris asks…

what could be wrong with a refrigerator when not cooling but is running?

it’s a side by side and the freezer is working but the refrigerator is not cooling but the fan is working and i’ve cleaned every thing i can see under it

James Conley answers:

It is an airflow problem if the freezer is working. We know the compressor is working and your main thermostat is working.

Bruddah had good info about not covering vents.

Most newer SXS’s use a motorized damper that opens and closes to control the temp in the refrigerator. First check ice on the back wall of the freezer to check for and eliminate it being a defrost problem blocking the air. Then most likely it is the damper that is bad.

On occaision it is the thermostat that controls the damper but that is rare.

I have changed many Whirlpool and GE dampers for this problem but fewer Fridgidaire’s. It is not really a consumer repair. It is not difficult once you know how but it is not obvious.

Good Luck.

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