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Your Questions About Ge Refrigerator Repair

Jenny asks…

my GE refrigerators is not getting cold, any suggestions?

my refrigerators is about a year old and for some reason its not getting clod, i checked the fan and its not working, any suggestions on what i should do, since the repair ppl would be able to come until tomorrow afternoon.
please help.

James Conley answers:

For some troubleshooting tips, go here
You might be able to fix it yourself.

Sandra asks…

Refrigerator and freezer not as cold as it should be. What is wrong?

This is a 15 year old unit and is a GE Monogram and it isn’t as cold as it should be; the temp setting is set to the coolest. I looked for replacement units but the ones that fit my kitchen and the same size as my current model are upwards of 7,000 dollars. Any idea what is wrong with my current unit?

James Conley answers:

It could be a number of things. Most common for an older unit is dirty cooling coils.This may require removing the back panel to access them. Use a brush or foxtail broom to remove any dust or other buildup on the coils. But, be careful. If you strike the coils, they are very delicate and can easily crack, resulting in a refrigerant leak.

Second is that the refrigerant (freon) in the cooling system is low. This can happen over time or be cause by a small crack/leak in the cooling coils (see above). In this case, you have to call out an appliance repair person to pressure test the system, fix (solder) any leaks he finds, and recharge the system.

Another cause is a bad or failing freon compressor. If the freon doesn’t get compressed enough, it does not properly remove the heat from the chill box.

Another cause is the possibility of a leaking or damaged door seal. A common cause of a seal failing is to have food or beverages spill into the rubber seal. If this hardens, it can cause the seal itself to harden and not collapse properly when the door is closed, which lets warm air into the chill chest. A damaged (torn) seal can also do the same thing.

At this point, you should really consider getting a new unit. The newer units are so much more efficient that they save lots of energy compared to units made even just 10 years ago. So, you’ll save on electricity that will offset part of the cost of a new unit. Even a newer (5 years or less) used unit would be a big improvement over a 15 year old fridge.

Ken asks…

How much should I pay for a new circuit board for my GE side-by-side refrigerator?

The repair guy is offering to replace it with a brand new board for $300. Is that a good price or am I being ripped off?

James Conley answers:

That does sound reasonable. Be sure to inquire about the warranty. I suggest also you contact Sears, Best Buy, and other comapnies that offer appliance service to compare prices. Another thought: What is the age and the cube of the unit? If the cost of repair exceeds 50% of the cost of replacing with a new unit, you might consider buying a new fridge.

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